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April 22, 2009

DOE to Award $41.9 Million in Recovery Act Funds for Fuel Cells

Photo of a forklift labeled 'powered by hydrogen' and operating on an airport tarmac, with a commercial jet in the background.

DOE will award $41.9 million in recovery act funding to deploy nearly 1,000 fuel cell systems in key early markets, such as electric forklifts. Enlarge this photo.
Credit: Hydrogenics

DOE announced on April 15 the award of $41.9 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for 13 projects to deploy fuel cells and help build a consumer base for U.S. fuel cell manufacturers. The funding will support the immediate deployment of nearly 1,000 fuel cell systems for emergency backup power and material handling applications (such as forklifts) that have emerged as key early markets in which fuel cells can compete with conventional power technologies. Additional systems will be used to accelerate the demonstration of stationary fuel cells for combined heat and power in the larger residential and commercial markets. Approximately $72.4 million in cost-shared funding will come from industry participants, for a total of nearly $114.3 million.

The increase in manufacturing volume in key early markets will bring costs down and encourage the growth of a domestic supplier base. These efforts will also accelerate the commercialization and deployment of fuel cells and will create jobs in fuel cell manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and support services. A variety of technologies will be developed and deployed, including polymer electrolyte, solid oxide, and direct-methanol fuel cells. For a full list of projects and awardees, see the DOE press release.