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March 04, 2009

Report Highlights the Importance of Water for Energy Production

Water and energy are often treated as two separate but related issues, but a new report from the World Economic Forum stresses the connection between the two resources. According to the report, the energy sector uses about 8% of all freshwater withdrawn worldwide and as much as 40% of freshwater withdrawn in developed countries (although most of the water is returned to its source, so the amount consumed is much less). Energy is also a key input to the water value chain, used to power water movement and treatment. The report concludes that pressure on freshwater resources will translate into the need to use water much more efficiently throughout the energy value chain. As a result, water issues will impact future energy choices, and energy companies will increasingly be called upon to be partners in managing the world's water resources. See the World Economic Forum's press release and the full report (PDF 2.8 MB). Download Adobe Reader.