This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

January 07, 2009

The EERE Network News Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

The EERE Network News turns 10 years old this week. Since its inaugural issue on January 6, 1999, this DOE newsletter has boosted its circulation from about 1,000 subscribers initially to more than 20,000 subscribers today (for those who remember, the newsletter took over a "Site Update" newsletter that DOE had previously published). Along the way, we've switched to an HTML format, added photos, and launched an RSS feed. In our first decade of existence, we estimate that we've published more than one million words! Parts or all of each newsletter are regularly reprinted in such online news services as Energy Central and, and individual articles occasionally appear in other online publications, such as and Mother Earth News. We've also served under two presidents, and are preparing to serve under a third. And all 500 issues are still available and fully searchable in our archive, even though most of the older links no longer work (we think that the text is still useful, even without the links).

As many of you will remember, back in spring of 2008 we conducted a brief online survey to gauge how well the newsletter is meeting your needs. A total of 874 people responded to that survey, and the results were overwhelmingly positive: respondents approved of the length, quality, and publication frequency of the EERE Network News, and most also found it to be a comprehensive and unbiased source of renewable energy and energy efficiency news. Most readers pass the newsletter along to their colleagues and friends, and nearly all have also found a useful Web site as a result of reading the newsletter. In addition, roughly half of the survey respondents told us that they have used information from the newsletter in their work or home projects, learned about a technology applicable to their work, and learned about new policies or initiatives applicable to their work. Now that's making a difference! Finally, of those that use RSS feeds, more than half expressed interest in feeds that could be customized by subject. We're happy to announce that you can now generate your own customized feed on our newly supercharged RSS Feeds Web page. Enjoy the new feature, and here's to the next decade of the EERE Network News!