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November 26, 2008

Progressive Automotive X Prize Announces 22 Registered Teams

Photo of a sports car with only one rear wheel and two front wheels and with an aggressive, swooping front end.

ZAP is one of 22 teams that have registered for the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition. The company's all-electric Alias employs color-shifting paints to give the vehicle its unusual appearance. Enlarge this image.
Credit: ZAP

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize announced on November 19 that 22 teams have registered to compete for the $10 million purse. Two teams remain confidential, but of the 20 public teams, the vehicle technologies run the gamut from electric vehicles and hybrids to vehicles fueled with compressed air, vegetable oil, biodiesel, ethanol, compressed natural gas, biomethane, propane, solar energy, and even diesel fuel and gasoline. The prize will be awarded to a production-capable vehicle that achieves the energy equivalent of 100 miles per gallon of gasoline while meeting market needs for price, size, capability, safety, and performance. About 100 other teams have expressed their intent to compete for the prize, and they have until early next year to register.

The U.S.-based teams include Adiabatic, Aptera, Avion, BDCOTSRUS, Eddison*2 - Mass Management, Envera, Kinetic Vehicles, Kinetix Motors, Millimac, MDI/ZPM, Nelson TYWA Power Corp., Physics Lab of Lake Havasu, Red Light Racing, Western Washington University, and ZAP. Of those teams, only ZAP, an electric vehicle company, currently sells vehicles, while Aptera is taking orders for its production-ready electric vehicle and ZPM, or Zero Pollution Motors, is taking orders for its compressed air vehicle. ZAP has formed a joint venture with a Kentucky manufacturer and recently broke ground on a new electric vehicle factory in Franklin, Kentucky. International teams include EnerMotion of Canada, Synergy Innovations Electric MINI of England, India's Tata Motors, and Italy's TTW Italia. Tata Motors is India's largest automaker, and is the only large automaker publicly participating in the competition. See the press release and team list from the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, as well as the ZAP press release on its factory groundbreaking.