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November 19, 2008

BLM Offers Geothermal Leases in Utah, Idaho, and Oregon

Photo of a complex tangle of pipes and equipment, with a large pipe feeding into it in the foreground and transmission wires running away from it in the distance. The geothermal plant is in a desert setting with mountains in the background.

The Bureau of Land Management hopes to encourage new geothermal power development through December's competitive lease sale.
Credit: Patrick Laney, INL

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced in early November that it will hold a competitive lease sale for geothermal energy development on 61 parcels totaling nearly 200,000 acres in the states of Utah, Oregon, and Idaho. The lease sale will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on December 19 and will include 47 parcels in western and southwestern Utah, totaling 146,339 acres; 11 parcels in Oregon, totaling 41,362 acres; and 3 parcels in south central Idaho, totaling 8,676 acres. The lease sale targets three states that have significant geothermal energy resources but have seen limited development so far: to date, Utah has only two geothermal power plants, Idaho has one, and Oregon has none. See the BLM press release and Web page on the Utah parcels, the BLM notices on the parcels in Oregon (PDF 297 KB) and Idaho (PDF 44 KB), the Geothermal Energy Association's list of geothermal power plants, and the state profiles from DOE's GeoPowering the West initiative. Download Adobe Reader.