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April 02, 2008

FERC and Oregon to Coordinate Reviews of Wave Energy Projects

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the State of Oregon signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 26 to coordinate their reviews of wave energy projects along the state's coastline. The MOU establishes Oregon's support of FERC's procedures for a short-term license for experimental pilot projects. FERC and Oregon agree to notify each other of proposed wave energy projects and will work together to identify potential issues and to set a schedule to process permit applications. Oregon also intends to prepare a comprehensive siting plan for wave energy projects in state waters, and FERC agrees to consider whether proposed projects are consistent with the plan. Oregon intends to be a leader in promoting the development of wave energy projects. See the FERC press release and the full MOU (PDF 1.0 MB). Download Adobe Reader.

Artists conception of a tidal farm, featuring a number of fan-like turbines mounted in tripods and arrayed over the seafloor. Cables connect the turbines to a tethered barge on the surface.

The proposed Lunar Energy tidal farm will consist of an array of 1-megawatt open turbines.
Credit: Lunar Energy

Wave energy and other ocean energy technologies are still in their development phase, but they are gaining ground both in the United States and throughout the world. For instance, in early March the British firm Lunar Energy announced plans to install a 300-megawatt tidal energy plant in South Korea. The company plans to carry out resource and feasibility studies by July and intends to install a 1-megawatt pilot facility by March 2009. If successful, the facility will be expanded to 300 megawatts by 2015. The company's Rotech Tidal Turbine incorporates a 37.7-foot open turbine into a structure weighing more than 2,700 tons, which rests on the ocean floor. The turbines will be manufactured by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, and the project will be carried out in cooperation with Korean Midland Power Company. See the Lunar Energy press release.