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November 28, 2007

U.N. Sees Near-Record Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2005

The total greenhouse gas emissions from 40 industrialized countries rose to a near all-time high in 2005, according to the United Nations secretariat for climate change. The increase in emissions was caused by growth in highly industrialized countries as well as revived economic growth in former East bloc nations, according to data submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The U.N. also reports that the Kyoto Protocol has spawned international greenhouse gas emission trading worth $30 billion in 2006, with the bulk of the trading occurring within the European Union's emissions trading scheme. The UNFCCC is currently gearing up for an international climate change conference that will be held in Bali from December 3rd through the 14th. See the UNFCCC announcement (PDF 52.9 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

Meanwhile, the Center for Global Development (CGD) has launched a Web site called Carbon Monitoring for Action, or CARMA, which tracks the power plants emitting the most carbon dioxide throughout the world. The data show that the power sector in China has nearly caught up with the power sector in the United States, producing 2.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, compared to the U.S. annual emissions of 2.8 billion tons. See the CARMA Web site and the CGD press release (PDF 285 KB).