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August 01, 2007

Pepsi Bottling Companies Join the Top U.S. Green Power Buyers

PepsiCo maintains its top spot on the list of green power buyers compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but it has been joined on the list by its two largest manufacturing and bottling companies. The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. and PepsiAmericas, Inc. have both signed on to offset 100% of their electricity use with renewable energy credits from Sterling Planet. That places the two companies in the fourth and thirteenth spots, respectively, on the EPA Green Power Partnership's list of the top 25 green power purchasers, which was updated on Monday. Together, the three companies are buying about 1.72 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy credits each year. Mohawk Fine Papers also joined the list at position number 22 by offsetting more than 100% of its electricity use with wind power. See the EPA press release, the top 25 list, and the Web sites for Pepsi Bottling, PepsiAmericas, and Mohawk Fine Papers.

Another rising green power star is Kohl's Department Stores, which increased its green power purchases from roughly 80 million kilowatt-hours to more than 201 million kilowatt-hours, equal to 20% of the company's electricity use. While most of the Green Power Partnership lists show little or no change from April, Kohl's purchase catapulted it from the number five spot to number two on the top-ten list of retail partners, and from number 24 overall to number eight. See the list of top retail partners and the Kohl's press release.