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April 11, 2007

Biodiesel-Fueled Boat Takes to Sea in Circumnavigation Attempt

Photo of a futuristic bullet-shaped ship plying the ocean with two large outriggers and two large tail fins.

The biodiesel-fueled Earthrace is heading for Hawaii in its bid to circle the globe in record time.
Credit: Jim Burkett and Earthrace

The Earthrace, a futuristic trimaran fueled with 100 percent biodiesel, is now crossing the Pacific Ocean in its bid to circle the world. The attempt to circumnavigate the globe in record time is far behind schedule due to a tragic collision with a fishing boat off the coast of Guatemala, which was reported in the March 21st edition of the EERE Network News. The Earthrace boat and its crew were released by Guatemalan authorities after being detained for 11 days, but on their way up the coast, they had to deal with problems caused by bent props and an uncooperative gearbox. Upon arriving in San Diego, California, the crew found damage to the boat's engine mounts, gearbox, and driveshaft and were delayed another five or six days to make those repairs, finally heading off to sea around April 7th. The boat is currently bound for Hawaii, still dealing with a vibration problem that they hope to fix upon arrival at Maalaea Bay in Maui on the night of April 12th. See the earlier article from the EERE Network News and the latest Earthrace press releases and blogs, and for the current position of the boat, see the Daestra New Zealand Web site.