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January 17, 2007

DOE Launches Energy Star for Solid-State Lighting

Photo of a metal rectangular box with a series of white glowing circles on its top.

With white-light LED fixtures now on the market, DOE is leading an effort to establish Energy Star labeling requirements for the new products.
Credit: RPI

DOE released draft Energy Star program requirements for solid-state lighting luminaries on December 20th. Solid-state lighting includes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as well as organic LEDs, and DOE is establishing Energy Star requirements for solid-state lights as part of a national strategy to accelerate the market introduction of these products.

The draft document set minimum requirements for earning the Energy Star label, including the minimum light output, efficacy, and warmth of the LED lights, as well as how well the light is focused upon its task for certain applications. The draft requirements apply to recessed downlights, under-cabinet kitchen lighting, under-cabinet shelf-mounted task lighting, portable desk task lights, outdoor wall mounted porch lights, outdoor step lights, and outdoor pathway lights. The draft requirements are open to public review, with comments due by January 19th. See DOE's Energy Star Program for Solid-State Lighting Web page.