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December 13, 2006

New Hampshire Utility Converts Coal Plant to Wood Fuel

A 50-megawatt power plant that used to be fueled with coal is now running entirely on wood chips. Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) announced in early December that its $75 million "Northern Wood Power Project" is in service, providing power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the state. The rebuilt plant avoids the burning of 130,000 tons of coal each year, replacing it with about 400,000 tons of wood from local resources. According to PSNH, the wood-fueled boiler will emit only one-quarter of the nitrous oxides and only 2 percent of the sulfur dioxide that was emitted by the coal plant. Construction of the project began in October 2004 and includes a storage facility capable of holding about 10,000 tons of wood chips, a wood-fuel delivery system, and a 110-foot-high boiler. See the PSNH press release, and for more information about the project, visit the PSNH Web site.