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September 06, 2006

Utility Survey Says Shopkeepers Are Energy Hogs

Computer-Generated Image of the Energy Hog.

The Energy Hog is energy efficiency's arch-villain.
Credit: Tracy Locke

DOE's Energy Hog Campaign may focus on teaching adults and children to save energy at home, but home isn't the only place people waste energy. Energy hogs can be found everywhere. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) released the results of a survey on August 24th that identified energy hogs in the Hamptons and other areas near Long Island: retail stores. The survey found that many stores are wasting 20 percent to 25 percent of the electricity they consume because the front doors are kept open on warm days, which allows the air-conditioned air to spill out. Although leaving the doors open may bring a few more customers in, it also increases utility bills and adds to the already-high power demand in the Long Island area. Electricity demand has increased 101 percent in the past eight years and reached a record high during the heat wave this August. Increased demand requires utilities to add infrastructure to keep up—and those costs are passed on to consumers. LIPA is urging stores to keep their doors shut when air conditioners are running, and will start a campaign next summer called "Be Cool—Keep it Closed." The utility is also asking customers to watch for these energy hogs and request that they close their doors on hot days. See the LIPA press release and the Energy Hog Web site.