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August 02, 2006

FutureGen Plant Location Narrowed to Illinois or Texas

The effort to select the best location for a $1-billion coal-fired power plant that will produce nearly no emissions made progress on July 25th, as the FutureGen Alliance narrowed the list to four locations, two each in Illinois and Texas. Twelve sites in seven states competed to earn the privilege of hosting the FutureGen plant, which will aim to produce low-cost electricity and hydrogen while capturing and sequestering the plant's carbon dioxide emissions. To pick among the proposed sites, the applications were reviewed to see if they met such criteria as a minimum of 200 acres of land with suitable cooling water, suitable geology for carbon dioxide sequestration, and a location close to transmission lines. Sites scored better if they had access to hydrogen and power markets.

The four remaining candidate sites will move forward to the next step of the selection process, which includes a comprehensive National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluation by DOE and more detailed site characterization. In parallel, power plant engineering will proceed. In the latter half of 2007, following the completion of DOE's NEPA review, the FutureGen Alliance will select a final site and move toward construction. The plant is expected to be on-line in 2012. See the full evaluation report and the FutureGen Alliance press release (PDF 40 KB). Download Adobe Reader.