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July 26, 2006

BP and GE Plan to Build Up to 15 Hydrogen Power Plants by 2016

BP and General Electric Corporation (GE) announced on July 18th that they plan to jointly develop and build from 10 to 15 hydrogen-fueled power projects over the next ten years. The hydrogen power projects will produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide from fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, or petroleum coke. The hydrogen will be used as fuel to power turbines that produce electricity, while 90 percent of the carbon dioxide will be captured and permanently stored deep in oil and gas fields, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. See the BP press release and the BP Alternative Energy Web site.

The companies will begin with two hydrogen-fueled power projects that BP and other partners announced over the past year: a 350-megawatt plant in Peterhead, Scotland, and a 500-megawatt plant in Carson, California. The Peterhead project is expected to start operations in 2010, while the Carson project is scheduled for completion in 2011. See the articles from the July 6th, 2005, and February 15th, 2006, editions of the EERE Network News.