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July 06, 2006

"Big Three" Automakers to Produce More Renewable-Fuel Vehicles

DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation announced on June 28th their plans to double the production of vehicles capable of running on ethanol or blends of biodiesel with diesel fuel. By 2010, the companies plan to produce 2 million vehicles that will run on either E85—a blend containing 85 percent ethanol—or biodiesel blends. For example, DaimlerChrysler has committed to produce 500,000 flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on E85, by the end of model year 2008 and has endorsed the use of B20 (a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent diesel) in Dodge diesel trucks used in fleets. The leaders of Chrysler, Ford, and GM made their pledge in a letter that was sent to all members of the U.S. Congress. See the Ford press release and the letter to Congress (PDF 41 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

Ford and VeraSun Energy, an ethanol producer, also announced plans to add 14 new E85 fuel pumps at retail locations along I-55, which runs through Illinois from Chicago to East Saint Louis. The announcement is part of a commitment to E85 that the two companies made in November 2005. In addition, Ford has launched a new advertising campaign to promote alternative fuels. See the press releases from VeraSun and Ford.