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June 28, 2006

Florida Offers Clean Energy Rebates, Grants, and Tax Incentives

Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed on June 19th the $100 million Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act, which aims to diversify the state's fuel supply and encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy. The act establishes a rebate program for solar photovoltaic electric systems and solar thermal systems installed on residential and commercial buildings. It establishes the Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Program, which will provide matching grants for research and demonstration projects associated with the development of renewable energy systems, alternative fuel vehicles, and other energy technologies. It creates tax incentives for the manufacture, sale, and use of hydrogen fuel cells and for the production, storage, and distribution of alternative fuels such as hydrogen, biodiesel, and ethanol. The act creates the Florida Energy Commission, a nine-member panel that will advise the state legislature on energy policy based on the guiding principles of reliability, efficiency, affordability, and energy diversity. Finally, the act provides a one-week sales tax holiday for the purchase of energy efficient products in early October. See the governor's press release and the full text of Senate Bill 888.