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August 20, 2014

News and Events

Energy Department Invests More Than $55 Million to Advance Efficient Vehicle Technologies

The Energy Department announced funding totaling more than $55 million for 31 new projects designed to accelerate research and development of critical vehicle technologies that will improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy Department Reports Highlight Strength of U.S. Wind Energy Industry

The United States remains a global leader in wind energy, ranking second in installed capacity in the world, according to two reports released by the Energy Department and two of its national laboratories.

DOI Defines North Carolina Offshore Wind Energy Areas for Potential Development

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) has defined three Wind Energy Areas offshore North Carolina, totaling approximately 308,000 acres, for potential commercial wind energy development.

Energy Department Trains Veterans in Advanced Manufacturing

The first 24 participants recently marked the successful completion of the Advanced Manufacturing Internship program, a pilot effort sponsored by the Energy Department.

Energy Blog

Farm to Fly 2.0: Energy Department Joins Initiative to Bring Biofuels to the Skies

A new initiative, now called Farm to Fly 2.0, works to increase the nation’s supply of renewable jet fuel with the end goal of producing about 1 billion gallons of drop-in aviation biofuels per year by 2018.