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February 05, 2014

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State of the Union Highlights Clean Energy Progress

President Obama focused on a variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency issues in his State of the Union address, highlighting progress toward a "shift to a cleaner energy economy" and spotlighting solar energy and fuel efficiency.

Energy Department Offers $3 Million to Find New Geothermal Sources

The Energy Department announced $3 million to spur geothermal energy development using "play fairway" analysis, a technique that identifies prospective geothermal resources in areas with no obvious surface expression.

Los Angeles Recognized for Leadership in Energy Efficiency

The Energy Department recognized the City of Los Angeles, California, for its leadership in the Department’s Better Buildings Challenge—helping the city save on energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

DOE Offers $12 Million for Carbon Fiber-from-Biomass Technologies

The Energy Department announced up to $12 million in funding to advance the production of cost-competitive, high-performance carbon fiber material from renewable non-food-based biomass feedstocks.

Energy Blog

Shared Solar Projects Powering Households Throughout America

An innovative model for solar deployment, called "shared solar," can help Americans take advantage of solar energy’s many benefits regardless of their housing situation.