First Thursday Seminar Technical Information and Troubleshooting

Watching a Seminar in a Group?

Are you watching a FEMP First Thursday Seminar in a group of colleagues? Don't forget that you are required to fill out and return a roster to help us track seminar participation.

The Federal Energy Management Program's (FEMP) First Thursday Seminars offer Federal energy, environmental, and fleet professionals no-cost training by leading experts. The following technical information is intended to help troubleshoot issues connecting to First Thursday Seminars.

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) are also available.

Webcast Instructions

All audio and video is streamed live via the Internet. Attendees do not need a dial-in number to access the training session. Computer speakers are required. Be sure they are turned on. If multiple attendees plan to share the same screen to watch a seminar, be sure to fill out a roster to allow FEMP to track participation. Directions for submitting rosters are included on the download.

Webcast links are provided after registering through FEMP Central. You should receive a confirmation note with all needed URLs after registration. If you did not receive a confirmation note with the webcast URL, contact

Important Notes

First Thursday Seminars require the use of the Microsoft Silverlight player. If it is not available on your computer, viewers MUST download the Microsoft Silverlight player prior to the seminar. In addition:

  • To avoid buffering issues, a computer with a broadband connection of at least 512 kbs per user on your local network is needed. High-speed Internet connections result in the best viewing experience
  • Test the links and viewer prior to the seminar using the test process outlined below
  • Consult your IT department with any bandwidth, player, or firewall issues or questions well in advance of watching the seminar. Most military and Federal agencies also require users to contact their IT department to request a Silverlight player download and permission to receive a live streaming webcast.

Test Process

Test your system compatibility and firewall controls well in advance of the seminar by following the process outlined below.

  1. Microsoft Broadband streaming test
  2. Test the Microsoft Silverlight player
  3. Test the presentation URL.

Note: If assistance is needed, contact your local IT support. This is especially important if this is your first First Thursday Seminar experience or if you have firewall issues. Firewalls in Federal facilities are often set to block external live streaming video and need these firewall settings:

Webcast servers use the following IP addresses:

  • The primary server (IIS, webpage, players, slides, etc) is (
  • The "hidden" server (media streaming) is (
  • The servers should deliver the content over port 80, although port 443 is used by default and just to be safe should probably be opened.

Contact Ed Kronhom at 877-820-0305 or 888-820-4898 to find satellite downlink sites if streaming video is not possible in your area.

Additional support is available via the First Thursday Seminar FAQ or by contacting or 865-974-7561.

Satellite Downlink Instructions

Contact your training coordinator, video/ITV facility manager, or IT department to tune into a satellite downlink facility. Broadcast downlink coordinates for FEMP First Thursday Seminars are:

Downlink Coordinates

Please request coordinates by sending attendees list to Coordinates will be sent by return email ASAP.

Test Time

1:15-1:30 ET, 12:15-20:00 CT, 11:15-11:30 MT, 10:15-10:30 PT

Broadcast Time

1:30-3:00 ET, 12:30-2:00 CT, 11:30-1:00 MT, 10:30-12:00 PT
Technical Support for Downlink Facility: 865-974-5069

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DETN/GETN Instructions

FEMP First Thursday Seminars are available through all Federal Education Networks, including DETN/GETN. All Federal and military GETN site facilitators must register for First Thursday Seminars to receive illumination authentication (GETN/Warrior dishes).

Sites must register at or by calling Ed Kronholm at 877-820-0305 or 888-820-4898. To find sites near you, go to and click on Site Locations by State.

If multiple attendees plan to view the seminar, please fill out a roster to allow FEMP to track participation. Directions for submitting rosters are included on the download. Individual participants must also register via FEMP Central, and sign a roster provided by the facilitator.

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