FEMP Exterior Solid State Lighting Initiative: High- Performance Parking Structure Lighting for Federal Facilities

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45 minutes

Exterior lighting applications, such as parking structures, offer significant potential for energy savings in the Federal sector. Through its Exterior Solid State Lighting (SSL) Initiative, FEMP offers a number of resources to help facility managers improve the energy performance of their parking structures through a thoughtful process that recognizes the energy saving potential of SSL, as well as the unique challenges associated with adopting this emerging technology.

This webinar provides attendees with an exterior SSL technology update, an overview of product and application-related support resources available from FEMP, and case studies of exterior SSL applications. Focus is placed on a performance specification that allows the user to select SSL, induction, or fluorescent technology, and apply it in a manner that helps ensure energy-efficient, high-quality lighting results.

Date recorded: January 25, 2012


  • Jeff McCullough, Senior Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Read bio.
  • Michael Myer, Lighting Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Read bio.
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