Introduction to the E.O. 13514 Federal Fleet Guidance and Handbook

On Demand Training

100 minutes

This course offers an introduction to the Executive Order (E.O.) 13514 Section 12 Guidance Document and its accompanying Federal Fleet Management Handbook. This training guides users through both the Guidance Document and Handbook, helping to identify which sections are relevant to their specific work. Topics covered include Federal fleet regulatory requirements and reporting timelines, as well as strategies and best practices to help Federal agencies:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce petroleum consumption
  • Increase alternative fuel use
  • Increase vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled

While the training is close to two hours in total, content is broken down into smaller chapters to enhance usability and the ability to complete small sections at a time.

Date recorded: July 1, 2010

Before the Training Take the Training
  1. E.O. 13514 Section 12 Guidance
  2. E.O. 13514 Section 12 Accompanying Handbook
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