Energy-Efficient Federal Purchasing

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4.5 hours

FEMP e-training

This course provides hands-on learning and practice to teach professionals about finding, specifying, and selecting energy-efficient products. The course outlines the financial and environmental benefits of buying energy-efficient products, and summarizes the legal requirements underpinning Federal Acquisition Regulations, which mandate the purchase of ENERGY STAR, low standby power, and FEMP-designated products. This training covers both fundamental and intermediate topics, including how to integrate energy-efficiency into the procurement process and overcome potential barriers. Students that pass this course's Procurement Challenge and receive a certificate of completion have developed and demonstrated skills in complying with the law and saving money by buying energy-efficient products.

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will be able to:
  • Comply with federal laws requiring the procurement of energy-efficient products
  • Use the FEMP web site and the ENERGY STAR web site to determine federal efficiency requirements, calculate life cycle costs, obtain buying guidance, and write contract solicitations for products that you purchase on behalf of your agency
  • Respond to requests for products that do not meet federal energy efficiency requirements
  • Budget for efficient purchasing
  • Improve the federal purchasing resources that are available
  • Use GSA Advantage and manufacturer web sites to obtain efficient products
  • Save money for your agency and the federal government
  • Reduce the environmental impact of product purchases.

This e-learning course is hosted on the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) learning management system. To take the course, click the Start button below. Then log into the WBDG system to launch the course and take the multiple choice assessment. Students will earn .50 IACET CEUs upon successful completion of the course and assessment.

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  • Amanda Sahl, Federal Energy Management Program. Read bio.
  • Dr. Christopher Payne, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Read bio.
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