Just-In-Time ESPC Webinar Series - Awarding High-Quality, On-Time, ESPC Task Orders

Live Training

Aug 13-15, 2013
1 p.m. Eastern Time
2 hours

FEMP’s Just-In-Time series on Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) is offered for federal agencies that are working on ESPC project development or anticipate receipt of an ESPC proposal within the next few months, and want to stay or get back on track to awarding a high-quality, on-time, ESPC task order. This webinar is intended for federal employees and contractors supporting federal agencies.

The webinar series consists of three sessions on three consecutive days:

1. Managing Your Investment-Grade Audit,

2. Critical Path to Success, and

3. Crossing the Finish Line to Award.

Session 1 - Managing your Investment-Grade Audit (IGA)

Teamwork is the ability to work together to accomplish goals while meeting schedules and timelines. This webinar discusses how to manage your IGA by establishing roles and responsibilities of interdependent team members to achieve a high-quality IGA, and using the synergy of contracting and technical team interaction to scope your project requirements and guide proposal development.

Come to this session if your agency is in the IGA phase and wants to refocus on how teamwork and understanding the process will help produce a better project.

Session 2 - Critical Path to Success

Agency choices and careful review of ESCO proposals are keys to obtaining a right-sized, high-value savings guarantee. This session addresses topics including the review of proposed energy conservation measures, savings calculations, measurement & verification, and the risk, responsibility & performance matrix ? and how the agency’s decisions translate to the bottom line in savings calculations and guarantees.

Come to this session if you are involved in the review of the technical aspects of an ESPC proposal or want an overview on how the different topics interact and affect your contracted guarantees.

Session 3 - Crossing the Finish Line to Award

The Finish Line ? the end of project development and negotiations ? is marked by an ESPC task order award. This session covers review of the revised proposal, including financing and pricing, through final negotiations, and facilitating timely award of the task order by taking a proactive approach to identifying and meeting the needs of task order approvers and endorsers.

Come to this session if you are responsible for contract negotiations and award or participate in obtaining management reviews and approvals.

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For more information, contact Evan Fuka at EFuka@energetics.com or 202-406-4107.

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