ESPC Comprehensive Workshop

Live Training

Jun 24-26, 2014
Los Angeles, California

The three-day comprehensive workshop covers the process of implementing ESPC projects, from the initial steps of acquisition planning through project development, task order award, construction, project acceptance by the government, and the performance period.

The workshop covers roles and responsibilities of the contracting and technical personnel on the acquisition team and emphasizes best practices for procuring technically excellent and financially smart projects that address agencies’ unique goals and priorities, while familiarizing trainees with the unique aspects of ESPCs, such as savings guarantees, measurement and verification, and balancing ESPC risks and costs to achieve a high-value project.

The workshop incorporates lectures and hands-on exercises to reinforce presented information and prepare agency acquisition teams to undertake their ESPC projects.

The Introduction to ESPC webinar is a prerequisite for attending this course.

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