Whole Building Analysis: Load Calculation

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Heat Loss, Heat Gain Software

  Software has been updated.

AEPS System Planning

electrical system, renewable energy system, planning and design software, modeling, simulation, energy usage, system performance, financial analysis, solar, wind, hydro, behavior characteristics, usage profiles, generation load storage calculations, on-grid, off-grid, residential, commercial, system sizing, utility rate plans, rate comparison, utility costs, energy savings

  Software has been updated.


Air Conditioning Load Calculation



Thermal heat bridges, heat flow, steady state, 2D, 3D, transfer coefficients, thermal conductance, visualization, simulation, European standards, EPBD, temperature distribution, vapor transfer, vapor diffusion, avoiding moisture, avoiding mould, energy performance, linear thermal transmittance, point thermal transmittance, vapor pressure, surface condensation, thermal comfort, dew point

  Software has been updated.


building temperature simulation, thermal performance

  Software has been updated.


PV system sizing, PV system simulation, grid-connected PV systems, electrical components, shading, economic analysis.



building simulation, energy, daylight, thermal and moisture analysis, indoor climate

  Software has been updated.

BTU Analysis Plus

HVAC, heating, cooling, heat load studies

  Software has been updated.

BTU Analysis REG

HVAC, heating, cooling, heat load studies

  Software has been updated.


annual energy use, durational diagram

  Software has been updated.

Cake Systems

Energy Efficiency, Auditing, Labeling Home Performance, Contractor, Program Manager, Utility, Community Energy Performance Score, EPS, Cake Systems Tablet Application, App, API, Home Energy Score, HES

  Software has been updated.


load estimation, psychrometrics, plant sizing


CBE UFAD Cooling Design Tool

UFAD, underfloor, Cooling load calculator, cooling, stratification, thermal comfort



commercial hvac, load calculations, CLTD


CL4M Commercial Cooling and Heating Loads

cooling loads, heating loads, commercial buildings


Climawin 2005

building thermal regulations

  Software has been updated.


Energy simulation, energy efficiency, building performance, renewable energy, comfort, thermal analysis, indoor air temperature, dynamic simulation.


Cold Room Calc

refrigeration load, heat gains, heat loads, cold room, cooler, freezer, refrigerated warehouse

  Software has been updated.


Refrigeration, Heat Load Calculation

  Software has been updated.


energy performance, design, retrofit, residential buildings, commercial buildings, passive solar

  Software has been updated.


Multiphysics, simulations, modeling, heat transfer, finite element

  Software has been updated.

Cool Room Calc

cooling load, heat gains, heat loads, air-conditioned room, air conditioner, HVAC, air conditioning



Energy management, buildings, benchmarking, energy tracking, utility billing

  Software has been updated.

Cymap Electrical

BS 7671 Main/Sub Main and Final Circuit distribution, generators, UPS, lighting design, emergency lighting, daylighting, floodlighting, cable sizing, discrimination studies, LV and HV capabilities, fire alarm, CAD symbol library based small power design, Cable Tray/Basket/Raceways/Conduit. Lightning protection risk assessment to EN62305 in 10 languages.


Cymap Mechanical

Load calculation, Pipe sizing & Radiator selection, Duct sizing, Hot and cold water design, SAP, iSBEM, EPCs, Psychrometrics.


CYPE-Building Services

building services, single model, energy simulation, sizing, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, electricity, solar, analysis of acoustic behavior

  Software has been updated.

Design Advisor

whole-building, energy, comfort, natural ventilation, double-skin facade

Free software. Software has been updated.


Building energy simulation, visualisation, CO2 emissions, solar shading, natural ventilation, daylighting, comfort studies, CFD, HVAC simulation, pre-design, early-stage design, building energy code compliance checking, OpenGL EnergyPlus interface, building stock modelling, hourly weather data, heating and cooling equipment sizing

  Software has been updated.


building simulation, design process, calculation, building thermal properties, natural temperature, graphical interfaces, state space method, maximum load.

Free software. Software has been updated.

DIN V 18599

DIN V 18599, EPBD, energy performance of buildings directive

Free software.  


energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings

  Software has been updated.


duct sizing, duct and fitting pressure loss, fan pressure

  Software has been updated.


duct sizing, equal friction, static regain, balanced pressure drop, duct acoustics, self generated noise, room sound pressure level



thermal load calculation, equipment sizing



duct sizing, equal friction, static regain


Easy EnergyPlus


Free software. Software has been updated.


energy benchmarking, environmental benchmarking, energy audit, invoice verification and reconciliation, performance contract verification

  Software has been updated.


environmental design, environmental analysis, conceptual design, validation; solar control, overshadowing, thermal design and analysis, heating and cooling loads, prevailing winds, natural and artificial lighting, life cycle assessment, life cycle costing, scheduling, geometric and statistical acoustic analysis

  Software has been updated.


energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, energy performance, heat balance, mass balance

Free software. Software has been updated.


California Title 24, LEED, ASHRAE 90.1, compliance software, energy simulation, commercial, residential

  Software has been updated.

Energy Profiler

load profiles, rate comparisons, data collection


Energy Profiler Online

online, energy usage, load profiles, bill estimation



efficiency calculation, energy rebates, home contractor search

Free software. Software has been updated.

Energy Scheming

design, residential buildings, commercial buildings, energy efficiency, load calculations

  Software has been updated.

Energy Usage Forecasts

degree days, historical weather, mean daily temperature, load calculation, energy simulation

  Software has been updated.


large building; energy efficiency



energy performance, load calculation, energy simulation, commercial buildings, daylighting, life-cycle cost

  Software has been updated.


EPBD implementation, Flemish region, primary energy consumption

Free software.  


Energy Management, M&V, Utility Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Bill Verification

  Software has been updated.


energy simulation, environmental performance, commercial buildings, residential buildings, visualisation, complex buildings and systems

Free software. Software has been updated.

Evergreen LED

LED lighting energy savings calculator



energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings


E-Z Heatloss

heat loss, heat gain, residential calculation

  Software has been updated.

EZ Sim

energy accounting, utility bills, calibration, retrofit, simulation

  Software has been updated.


Load Calculation, Piping & Air duct networks calculation, HVAC Systems calculation, generation of all the case study drawings.

  Software has been updated.


gas flow; liquid flow; dynamic; heat transfer; two phase; slurry



power tariff, energy tariff, energy pricing, energy bill, electricity tariff, power bill, electricity bill, electricity pricing, time of use, real time, utilities, critical peak, pricing, peak pricing, demand side management, high load factor, curtailment, interruptible, standby service, supplemental service, electric vehicle charging, electric rate plan, power rate plan, electric rate, power rate, energy rate, energy rate plan, electricity api, power api, energy api, electricity rate api, power rate api, energy rate api, utility pricing, utility price, utility rate

  Software has been updated.


energy management, energy accounting, benchmark, energy analysis, alert system

  Software has been updated.


Heat air and moisture, simulation laboratory, hygrothermal model, PDE model, ODE model, building and systems simulation, MatLab, SimuLink, Comsol, optimization

Free software. Software has been updated.


energy performance, load calculation, energy simulation, HVAC equipment sizing

  Software has been updated.

HAP System Design Load

Cooling and heating load calculation, HVAC equipment sizing, zoning and air distribution



heating and cooling loads, heat balance, energy performance, design, retrofit, residential and commercial buildings

  Software has been updated.


whole building simulation, energy efficient design, climate responsive design, energy costs, indoor air temperature

Free software. Software has been updated.


energy performance, design, residential buildings, energy simulation, passive solar

Free software. Software has been updated.

HVAC Residential Load Calcs HD for the iPad

HVAC; Cooling loads; Heating loads

  Software has been updated.

HVAC Solution

boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, pumps, fans, expansion tanks, heat pumps, fan coils, terminal boxes, louvers, hoods, radiant panels, coils, dampers, filters, piping, valves, ductwork, schedules

  Software has been updated.

Hydronics Design Studio

hydronic heating, radiant heating, simulation, design, piping


IDA Indoor Climate and Energy

Energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor climate, HVAC design, airflow, natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, heat pumps, load calculations, solar collectors, storage tanks, boreholes, CHP, wind turbines, control systems, plants, solar shading, daylight, ice rinks, pools, 3D, BIM, IFC, LEED, ASHRAE, BREEAM, NMF, Modelica.

  Software has been updated.

IES Virtual Environment

Energy Performance, Energy Consumption, LEED, Thermal Simulation, HVAC, Daylighting, Thermal Performance, CFD, Airflow, Heat Gain, Heat Loss, Load Calculation, Solar Shading, Solar Intensity, Occupant Movement, Egress, Ingress, Value, Cost, BREEAM, EPACT, Carbon Reduction, CO2 Emissions, Lighting, Passive Systems, Natural Ventilation, Daylight compensation control, Apache

  Software has been updated.


energy performance, heat loss, U-value, profitability, Danish building regulations



load calculation, commercial buildings, residential buildings



thermal comfort, load calculation, energy



airflow, passive cooling, energy simulation, mechanical ventilation



thermal tranmission, water vapor, building envelope

  Software has been updated.


heating energy, cooling energy, energy simulation, load calculation, standards, life cycle analysis, gbxml

  Software has been updated.


shading factors, solar shading, building geometry


Load Express

Design, light commercial buildings, heating and cooling loads, HVAC

  Software has been updated.


building energy modeling, design, retrofit

  Software has been updated.

MC4Suite 2009

HVAC project design, sizing, calculations, energy simulation, commercial, residential, solar

  Software has been updated.


energy simulation, heating and cooling loads, residential buildings, code compliance, hourly

  Software has been updated.


object-oriented simulation, energy simulation, controls, energy audit, energy-saving, energy performance, dynamic simulation, research, education, heating, air conditioning


National Energy Audit (NEAT)

retrofit, energy, audit, efficiency measures



heating requirements, passive solar, residential buildings, standards



energy balance, high-performance houses, passive houses

  Software has been updated.


heat transfer, mass transfer, radiation, convection, steady-state, transient, 2-D, 3-D

  Software has been updated.


piping analysis, pump selection, piping design, hydraulic analysis, pump sizing, pressure drop calculator, hydraulic modeling, steam distribution, chilled water, sprinkler system



Solar System Design Simulation Software (and Heat Pump)

  Software has been updated.

Popolo Utility Load Calculation

Heat transfer, load calculation, BESTEST, GPL, Free source

  Software has been updated.

Power Calc PaK

power distribution, panelboard, NEC, electrical, energy savings, buildings

  Software has been updated.


Moist air state, dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, sensible heat, moisture content.


Psychrometric Analysis

psychrometric analysis, HVAC

Free software. Software has been updated.


Design, residential to large commercial buildings, heating load, cooling load, HVAC



convection, conduction, radiation, weather, solar, transient

  Software has been updated.

Raymaps Solar Calculator

Energy Consumption, Solar Panels, Batteries



energy simulation, residential buildings, code compliance, design, weatherization, equipment sizing, EPA Energy Star Home analysis

  Software has been updated.


home energy rating systems, residential buildings, energy simulation, code compliance, design, weatherization, EPA Energy Star Home analysis, equipment sizing

  Software has been updated.


residential HVAC, residential load calculations, ACCA, Manual J


Right-Suite Residential for Windows

residential loads calculations, duct sizing, energy analysis, HVAC equipment selection, system design

  Software has been updated.


Energy calculation, heat loss calculation, system comparison, dimensioning, 3D modeling

  Software has been updated.

Room Air Conditioner Cost Estimator

air conditioner, life-cycle cost, energy performance, residential buildings, energy savings

Free software. Software has been updated.


Computational fluid dynamics, CFD, ventilation, airflow, temperature distribution, humidity distribution, contaminant distribution, thermal comfort, air quality

  Software has been updated.


Early-stage performance analysis of building envelope, HVAC, water & renewables , Real-time building performance analysis, Parametric analysis, Thermal comfort analysis

  Software has been updated.


object-oriented simulation environment, building and plant simulation, complex energy systems, time continuous hybrid systems

Free software.  


passive solar, house design, building design, building services, design tools

  Software has been updated.


design, residential and small commercial buildings

Free software. Software has been updated.


design, solar thermal, solar hot water, solar heating plants, solar design

  Software has been updated.


object-oriented, research, complex systems, energy performance, short time-step dynamics

Free software. Software has been updated.


design, retrofit, research, residential buildings, small office buildings, energy simulation, passive solar

  Software has been updated.

System Analyzer

Energy analyses, load calculation, comparison of system and equipment alternatives

  Software has been updated.

THG Energy Solutions

Bill auditing, energy efficiency, energy invoice management, sub-metering, automated demand response, interval data reporting, facility benchmarking, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration


Toolkit for Building Load Calculations

building loads, energy calculations, heat balance model, heat transfer


TOP Energy

Simulation and optimization of energy systems, energy efficiency, time series analysis, variant comparison, Sankey diagrams, material and energy flow analysis, process optimization

Free software. Software has been updated.

TRACE Load 700

Heating and cooling load calculation, air distribution simulation, HVAC equipment sizing, commercial buildings

  Software has been updated.


Powerful, flexible, complete

  Software has been updated.


energy performance, design, retrofit, research, residential and commercial buildings, indoor climate



moisture calculation, latent and sensible conduction loads, heat and mass transfer through building envelopes

Free software.  

United Resources Group Lighting Conservation

Quantify, Lighting Conservation, Cost and Savings

  Software has been updated.

Visualize-IT Energy Information and Analysis Tool

energy analysis, rate comparison, load profiles, interval data