Other Applications: Ventilation Airflow

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Tool Applications Free Recently

AFT Fathom

design, pump selection, pipe analysis, duct design, duct sizing, chilled water systems, hot water system

  Software has been updated.


energy performance, ventilation, air flow, indoor air quality, noise level

  Software has been updated.

CBE UFAD Cooling Design Tool

UFAD, underfloor, Cooling load calculator, cooling, stratification, thermal comfort



multizone airflow, pollution transport

Free software. Software has been updated.


airflow analysis; building controls; contaminant dispersal; indoor air quality, multizone analysis, smoke control, smoke management, ventilation

Free software. Software has been updated.

Cymap Mechanical

Load calculation, Pipe sizing & Radiator selection, Duct sizing, Hot and cold water design, SAP, iSBEM, EPCs, Psychrometrics.


CYPE-Building Services

building services, single model, energy simulation, sizing, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, electricity, solar, analysis of acoustic behavior

  Software has been updated.

Czech National Calculation Tool

EPBD, Energy Performance Certificate, Delivered energy, Energy Demand Calculation

Free software. Software has been updated.


Building energy simulation, visualisation, CO2 emissions, solar shading, natural ventilation, daylighting, comfort studies, CFD, HVAC simulation, pre-design, early-stage design, building energy code compliance checking, OpenGL EnergyPlus interface, building stock modelling, hourly weather data, heating and cooling equipment sizing

  Software has been updated.


building simulation, design process, calculation, building thermal properties, natural temperature, graphical interfaces, state space method, maximum load.

Free software. Software has been updated.

Duct Calculator

duct-sizing, design, engineering, calculation


Easy EnergyPlus


Free software. Software has been updated.


energy simulation, load calculation, building performance, simulation, energy performance, heat balance, mass balance

Free software. Software has been updated.


large building; energy efficiency



energy simulation, environmental performance, commercial buildings, residential buildings, visualisation, complex buildings and systems

Free software. Software has been updated.


Load Calculation, Piping & Air duct networks calculation, HVAC Systems calculation, generation of all the case study drawings.

  Software has been updated.


airflow, heat transfer, simulation, HVAC, ventilation



gas flow; liquid flow; dynamic; heat transfer; two phase; slurry


HVAC Solution

boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, pumps, fans, expansion tanks, heat pumps, fan coils, terminal boxes, louvers, hoods, radiant panels, coils, dampers, filters, piping, valves, ductwork, schedules

  Software has been updated.


indoor air quality, 'sick' buildings, ventilation design, contaminant source control design, tracer gas calculations



indoor air quality, IAQ education, IAQ management, energy and IAQ

Free software. Software has been updated.

IDA Indoor Climate and Energy

Energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor climate, HVAC design, airflow, natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, heat pumps, load calculations, solar collectors, storage tanks, boreholes, CHP, wind turbines, control systems, plants, solar shading, daylight, ice rinks, pools, 3D, BIM, IFC, LEED, ASHRAE, BREEAM, NMF, Modelica.

  Software has been updated.

IES Virtual Environment

Energy Performance, Energy Consumption, LEED, Thermal Simulation, HVAC, Daylighting, Thermal Performance, CFD, Airflow, Heat Gain, Heat Loss, Load Calculation, Solar Shading, Solar Intensity, Occupant Movement, Egress, Ingress, Value, Cost, BREEAM, EPACT, Carbon Reduction, CO2 Emissions, Lighting, Passive Systems, Natural Ventilation, Daylight compensation control, Apache

  Software has been updated.


Commercial Energy Auditing Field Software



airflow, passive cooling, energy simulation, mechanical ventilation



heating energy, cooling energy, energy simulation, load calculation, standards, life cycle analysis, gbxml

  Software has been updated.


airflow analysis, indoor air quality, multizone analysis, natural ventilation


Maintenance Edge

CMMS, Maintenance, Work Order, Planned Maintenance, LEED, ENERGY STARŪ, benchmarking, Critical Alarm

  Software has been updated.

MC4Suite 2009

HVAC project design, sizing, calculations, energy simulation, commercial, residential, solar

  Software has been updated.


object-oriented simulation, energy simulation, controls, energy audit, energy-saving, energy performance, dynamic simulation, research, education, heating, air conditioning


National Energy Audit (NEAT)

retrofit, energy, audit, efficiency measures



computational fluid dynamics, air pollution, smoke and fire, air flow

  Software has been updated.


energy balance, high-performance houses, passive houses

  Software has been updated.


Moist air state, dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, sensible heat, moisture content.


Psychrometric Analysis

psychrometric analysis, HVAC

Free software. Software has been updated.


Design, residential to large commercial buildings, heating load, cooling load, HVAC



Computational fluid dynamics, CFD, ventilation, airflow, temperature distribution, humidity distribution, contaminant distribution, thermal comfort, air quality

  Software has been updated.


object-oriented simulation environment, building and plant simulation, complex energy systems, time continuous hybrid systems

Free software.  


object-oriented, research, complex systems, energy performance, short time-step dynamics

Free software. Software has been updated.


Dynamic thermal simulation, Building simulation, Thermal analysis, Energy simulation, Energy consumption, Energy cost, CO2 emissions, HVAC simulation, Manufacturer data, Load calculation, Design day simulation, Daylighting, Solar shading, Comfort studies, Natural ventilation, CFD, Wind turrets, Sun Pipes, Phase Change materials, Part L, EPC, Appendix G, ASHRAE 90.1, LEED, BREEAM, Building plant and systems design and simulation.

  Software has been updated.

Trend Importer

trend, importer, data, spreadsheet, UTF

  Software has been updated.


CFD, wind simulation, wind energy, natural ventilation, pedestrian comfort


VentAir 62

ventilation design, ASHRAE Standard 62

  Software has been updated.


wind simulation, virtual wind tunnel, microclimate simulation, wind flow in urban environments, advanced wind flow visualization

  Software has been updated.

¡Get Psyched!

psychrometric chart, moisture, humidity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature

  Software has been updated.