Includes the MicroDataLogger portable data acquisition equipment and HVAC and Lighting Analyzer software. ENFORMA is designed to cost-effectively gather data and convert it into information about building performance. ENFORMA provides a unique solution that can gather the data at a minimal cost and help you determine solutions to typical building problems. This detailed diagnostic information is the key that allows you to improve upon your current services or expand into new business opportunities. ENFORMA solutions typically result in projects with paybacks of less than one year.

ENFORMA solutions can help you improve upon or begin doing the following services: Performance Guarantees, Comfort Trouble Shooting, HVAC Operation Outsourcing, Commissioning, Accurate Equipment Tune-ups, and Energy Services.


data acquisition, energy performance, building diagnostics, HVAC systems, lighting systems



Expertise Required

Knowledge of typical HVAC, lighting or control systems operation is important to understand analysis results. A 2-day training course is available, as well as extensive on-line help, Internet home page technical support, phone support, and tutorial usage manual.


120 customers of MicroDataLogger data acquisition system, 25 users of ENFORMA software, 95% of customers are in U.S.


Tool is directed at energy service providers, HVAC service contractors, utilities, and the facility staff of large institutions.


Operating schedule of the building in question, brief description of HVAC systems in building, system performance data from data loggers and building controls system as dictated by software.


Plots of how HVAC, controls, and lighting systems are performing, sample plots that show how systems should be running, time series plots, user defined plots, energy load profiles, and reporting functions to document results of analysis. Software uses various filtering tools to control how data is shown, and automatically calculates deltas, offsets, standard engineering conversions of data streams. The user never has to deal with raw data in complicated spreadsheet sessions.

Computer Platform

486 or above, running Windows 3.1, or 95.

Programming Language



Total integration of the building diagnostic process. Major time and cost savings from having the software define the metering plan, program the loggers, manage the resulting data, and guiding the user towards problem solutions using a built-in engineering knowledge base. Uses actual building system performance data to determine: baseline energy usage, system operation problems, potential maintenance issues, the need for retrofits or equipment replacement, reason for comfort problems, and load shapes for power purchasing.


Requires the user to take the time to gather actual HVAC, controls, and lighting system performance data using our MicroDataLogger data acquisition system. Does not currently perform automatic system diagnostics, but that capability is in our development plans.



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ENFORMA Portable Diagnostic Solutions are sold as a package that includes the MicroDataLogger data acquisition system and HVAC/Lighting Analyzer Software. The startup package includes 5 MicroDataLoggers, $2,000 worth of sensors, and the HVAC/Lighting Analyzer software for $7,470. The MicroDataLogger data acquisition system price is $795 for the base unit plus the price of the sensors. Contact the developer with any pricing questions.