Designed to read electronic data records of facility electrical energy use--data recorded by electric utility companies, and normally used internally only for billing purposes. Upon request, the utility will release this data to the customer for analysis purposes. The format of these data record formats number over 25 distinct file types identified thus far. IDEAL (Interval Data Evaluation and Analysis of Load) translates all these formats into a common database and produces informative graphs and reports to assist the user and his energy management team or consultants to quickly identifying periods of serious power mismanagement. Extensions to the basic program will perform power bill calculations, time-of-use analysis, temperature and humidity plots, and optimum standby generator sizing and run times.


electric utility analysis, electricity costs, bill analysis



Expertise Required

No special expertise required.


100 users in United States.


Industrial and large Commercial accounts, who have electronic metering on their electrical power service (typically loads over 500 kW demand, and virtually all with time-of-use metering).


Data file, normally obtained from the electric utility company, which includes interval recordings of power usage. Program requires data to be an ASCII-formatted data file on diskette.


Both detailed and summary reports of facility electrical usage. More than 70 pre-formatted graphs visually depict power usage by day, week, or by month. Variables include kiloWatts as a minimum, but may include kiloVars and kVA, if the source data file contains this information.

Computer Platform

PC-compatible, with 286 or higher processor, and in a DOS shell under Windows.

Programming Language

QuickBasic; compiled Lotus 123 spreadsheet.


Identifies, by time of day, periods of excessive power demands and consumption. Also useful in benchmarking a facility's power usage prior to implementing energy conservation measures (ECMs) and tracking the results after implementation of ECMs. Ability to immediately utilize over 25 data formats without prior user conversion of the data.


Limits analysis to month-by-month studies. Can produce records suitable for greater-than-one-month analysis using conventional spreadsheets. Must use DOS sequences for printing reports and graphs (does not use Windows Print Manager).



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Download demos from the web site to determine suitability to task. Price negotiable based on number of copies; list price $1,000.