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Allows auditors to visually draw plans for dwellings that are being audited. Users can place objects such as doors, windows, and other openings, and specify their attributes for calculations. EASY allows users to identify approved measures for specific objects that are included on the drawings. Once generated, the reports may be printed out or viewed on the screen. EASY has been developed to incorporate the latest in Windows technology and software design methodology in order to increase the ability for a lay person without extensive technical training to complete a complex audit with relative ease and with minimal training.

EASY accounts for the varied climates, construction styles and building materials that are found throughout a region. The audits that are completed by EASY are specific to each dwelling and take into account the heating and cooling degree days for each of the specific region.


energy audit, residential buildings, retrofit, economic evaluation, DSM



Expertise Required

Users need to be familiar with weatherization materials and installation techniques. Proficiency in the use of Windows software is also recommended. In order to maximize the program features training is recommended.


Currently being used statewide in the Texas Weatherization program. The EASY for Texas customized version has DOE approval for use in that state's weatherization programs.


Energy Professionals interested in energy efficient retrofiting of existing single family site built and mobile homes. DSM program managers interested in developing weatherization programs for low income customer participation.


Input is based upon building analysis results including blower door tests, appliance efficiencies, customer utility billings, R values, orientation, shading etc. Principal data entry relies upon interactive scaled drawing with mouse actuated drop down boxes.


EASY reports include Plan Drawing, Measures and Repairs Report, Prioritized Suggested Measures and Repairs, Prioritized Energy Savings Calculations and Prioritized Measures Ranked by SIR.

Computer Platform

IBM or compatable with 486 or better processor, VGA display and 8 or more MB RAM.

Programming Language



EASY is able to determine the benefit cost ratio of proposed retrofit measures and predict expected savings over the lifetime of those measures.


Not recommended for commercial or industrial buildings, new construction, or plan analysis. (Requires existing structures.)



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