VentAir 62

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A ventilation airflow calculator that allows easy, accurate compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62-89. The program automates the cumbersome calculations presented by the Standard's Equation 6-1. The Windows-based program helps building designers design multiple-space ventilation systems that meet the requirements of the Standard. This tool analyzes space and system information from the VAV terminal and air handler unit schedules, calculates ventilation airflow requirements (space minimums and system-level required minimum), and provides additional or revised information for the VAV and AHU schedules.


ventilation design, ASHRAE Standard 62



Expertise Required

Knowledge of ASHRAE Standard 62 requirements and ventilation design.


Approximately 300 users worldwide.


HVAC engineers performing ventilation requirements calculations.


Information on ventilation system design--coils, ducts, airflow, etc.


Comprehensive and detailed output reports that can be viewed on the screen or printed.

Computer Platform

PC-compatible, 486 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 MB, RAM 10 MB free disk space.

Programming Language

Visual Basic


While the user inputs the data, the program calculates. This makes for rapid and timely "what if" analysis. Finally, VentAir62 provides comprehensive and detailed output reports that can be viewed on the screen or printed.


Requires working knowledge of ASHRAE Standard 62.



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The cost for VentAir 62 is $250 for a standard single license and $375 for a site/LAN license. Call the Support Center to receive special pricing for educational purposes or current promotional discounts. A yearly renewal fee of 23% of the purchase price entitles the customer to unlimited free phone support, as well as automatic updates and documentation. All Trane C.D.S. software programs have an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. "Patches" are also available for download from our web site, listed above. We offer on-site training at our headquarters in La Crosse, WI, as well as regional training at sites throughout the U.S. or at your office if you prefer. Contact the C.D.S. Support Center for more information. The C.D.S. department's Support Center is staffed by experienced HVAC engineers and specialists. Support Center hours are 8:00 AM-5:30 PM CT Monday-Thursday, and 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CT Friday.