Energy management systems can measure data via installed hardware and turn it into valuable information. The AVReporter Energy Management software then will turn this information into reports and analytical information aiding energy efficiency, helping to realize where and when to change user platform in order to reduce consumption. Screen Shots


Energy management, energy monitoring, reducing CO2, increase energy efficency, ISO50001


Compatible with ISO50001 Standards and LEED Certifications.

Expertise Required

For users: none. For system integrators: electrical engineer and IT specialist.


Users over 100 in Hungary and international


Production companies, building complexes, logistic centers and shopping malls


User need meters and communication hardware for data accusation depending what they wish to monitor.


Provides reporting for all the utilities in one platform (electric energy, gas, vapour, water, sewage, etc.). Reporting energy use by product, production unit or some other unit of service, as required for tracking the Key Performance Indicators for any business (kWh/HDD, kWh/ton, kWh/unit, kWh, shift, etc). Powerful query engine for custom calculations at real-time or using pre-calculated source data. Results can be stored in the database for report execution. This same tool can be used to create forecasts from historical data. Broad range of report and dashboard applications such as KPI reports, Energy Ratings using ABC charting, Energy Use Allocation, Energy by Threshold Limits, Optimization of energy bookings, Energy Consumption Forecasting, reports of Green House Gases, CO2 emission calculations, Examination of quality features, Statements of efficiency, application management of renewable energy sources, etc. Comprehensive Multi-User and Security Access Level Management, whereby each user has a login name and password, providing access to specific menus and features. Users can be limited to individual buildings, departments or organizational levels. Fits in the custom billing and cost allocation module summaries for multi-tenanted facilities or multi-departmental operations, complete with the option to export key financial data to existing invoicing or ERP systems Alarming and Monitoring - Sophisticated alarm systems are guarding efficiency, prevention programmes and security. Accessible on mobile applications e.g.: tablet PC, Smart phones (android). What information is presented in the output and what form does the output come in—preformatted reports, user definable, etc.

Computer Platform

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft® .NET framework 3.5
  • Internet Explorer 8,9 or 10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5.0

Programming Language

Visual Basic, C#


Core strengths: a complex but a highly user friendly tool that can perform at all levels. Added analytical function, real-time modules and complimentary mobile application for Android and tablets. Low risk investment as the ROI period generally is about 1.5 years. Mostly used by production plants and buildings successfully.


The system can only be a success if the people operating are using it to its full potential. Human attitude plays a big part.





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Available for contracted Partners/end-users only.