Sefaira allows architects to focus on performance from the beginning of their design process with software that provides them with real-time feedback for their building’s design. Architects can directly use that feedback to influence their design, instead of validating a design at the end of their process. Architects can study form & facade design, compare design options and strategies, find the strategies with the biggest impact and optimize key design parameters, such as shading, glazing ratios, and orientation. Screen Shots


Early-stage performance analysis of building envelope, HVAC, water & renewables , Real-time building performance analysis, Parametric analysis, Thermal comfort analysis


Sefaira leverages two energy analysis engines for different types of analyses in the application. One analysis engine is Sefaira’s proprietary implementation based on ASHRAE’s Radiant Time Series method, which has been validated against a subset of ASHRAE 140 test cases. The 2nd energy analysis engine is US DOE’s EnergyPlus which has been widely validated by several agencies. Testing results are available upon request.

Expertise Required

No specific expertise is required. Sefaira provides training for new users as part of the subscription.


Sefaira is in commercial use at over 200 A&E firms globally.


Architects, engineering and sustainability consultants


Sefaira Web Application: Geometry: massing is uploaded via the web interface from SketchUp or through a plugin from Revit Required inputs: building location, building type Additional inputs, including weather information: automatically set at default values based on building location, but can be manually overwritten in the graphic user interface via text boxes, sliders or drop down menus Sefaira for SketchUp Geometry: Sefaira for SketchUp is a plugin within SketchUp that provides feedback while a model is created or modified Required inputs: building location, building type


Outputs include:

  • Building energy and water use
  • Carbon emissions
  • Utility costs
  • Renewable energy potential
  • Heating and cooling capacity
Results can be exported directly to CSV and PDF formats creating clear presentation-ready reports.

Computer Platform

Sefaira is a cloud-based SaaS solution access through a web browser and as such platform independent. We support Google Chrome, IE 9+10, Firefox and Safari, on both Macs and PCs

Programming Language

Scala for the backend, Javascript for the front end, Node.JS for middleware.


Robust analysis framework that helps users develop an intuitive sense of their design and allows them to respond to performance requirements creatively

  • Early-stage analysis of building form, orientation, fenestration, shading
  • Intuitive analysis, starting with only two inputs (location and space use)
  • Parametric analysis to study key design elements
  • Real Time Analysis for instant feedback on energy use and daylighting directly within SketchUp
  • Quick comparison of multiple design options and iterations to find the best designs and explore tradeoffs between options
  • Collaboration with entire project teams anywhere in the world with browser-based software
  • Clear, presentation-quality reports that get everyone on the same page, drive focused decision-making , and create early alignment among stakeholders


  • Detailed design
  • Specification
  • System design



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