In an era of ever rising electricity demand, Curb is redefining large-scale energy intelligence – one energy hungry building at a time. Curb’s hardware tracks real-time usage, and the software suite provides users with engaging tools and actionable analysis to make better decisions about energy usage on a daily basis. Curb is an intelligence solution which puts the power in the hands of individuals – giving everyone access to tools and insight so that they can make a difference. Curb is custom tailored to your organization and allows you to:

  • Substantially shrink electricity bills and consumption
  • Engage employees in sustainable practices
  • Minimize unnecessary wear on building equipment


Energy management, buildings, benchmarking, energy tracking, utility billing


Energy savings are determined by deviation from a baseline analysis of building energy consumption. Baselines are generated through advanced regression techniques that include correction factors such as weather and organizational growth.

Expertise Required

No special expertise are required to run Curb. Each commercial client has an assigned Account Manager responsible for managing baseline reporting, software rollout, client training, and product customization.


Currently only U.S. based users


Facility Managers, Energy Managers and Engineers, Property Managers, Building Owners, Sustainability leaders. Software is targeted toward building occupants.


Very little input is required from user. Curb uses measurement hardware to capture data and presents the data in an actionable format so that users can make behavioral changes to reduce consumption.


Output can be customized per client needs. Common information displayed is:

  • Energy Timeline: Tracks use of energy over time and identifies areas to save
  • Real Time Usage: View current energy usage and use a baseline to compare against other consumers
  • Event Banner: Receive notifications about how to save energy in your building
  • Custom Widgets: View cumulative savings, up-to-the minute bill, electric loads and progress versus competition

Computer Platform

The Curb interface runs on all modern web browsers.

Programming Language

Can interface with BACnet and all other modern languages.


Curb is focused on helping organizations meet their sustainability goals by empowering building occupants with actionable information. We put the power to reduce energy bills in the hands of the people who make decisions about how energy is used on a daily basis. Each Curb solution is tailored to the specific building design as well as how the building is used by the organization. The suite of tools includes second-by-second energy data, very granular information, competitions between functional areas and historical data analysis.


Building automation system is still in development.



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As each building using Curb is different, there are different costs associated with installing the hardware. Please contact Curb for a site analysis and an accurate quote.