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Energinet energy management software is a cost-effective but sophisticated energy analysis software. Energinet is 100% web-based and therefore perfect for every company size and industry sector and is available as both a SaaS (software as a service) model, or installed directly to a client site. Energinet is open regards to receiving data from third party equipment or software such as meters, loggers, BAS, Grid companies, Energy Brokers, controls, production data, spreadsheets, oBIX, OPC and much more. There is no limitations on format types. Energinet was the first energy management software which got the Approved Software mark from DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and the first software which got the Certificate of Conformity regards to the ISO50001:2011 standard from TUV in Germany. (Conformity registration nr:01 150 120214). In Energinet ProMan module the user have possibility to make his own file archieve, projects, sub projects and tasks, see the development of the different energy saving projects and not at least get the templates to fulfil ISO 50001 projects. Energinet includes a very flexible solution and has no limitation in import formats, number of meters, users, buildings, energy or production blocks. Its used to day in all sectors like Industry, office buildings, public sector, hospitals, military in 19 countries world wide. The software is also used as a EOM software branded special for customers or partners like Deutche Telekom and Vodafone. Screen Shots


Cost effective Energy management software for any market


Energinet has the Certificate of Conformity regards to ISO 50001:2011, DIN EN 16601 and Approved Software mark.

Expertise Required

No special knowledge is needed, but we give our customers web training and support through phone or mail.


Energinet has thousands of users in 16 countries world wide. Energinet is a market leader in Norway.


Energinet is suitable for use across any industry sector including: Commercial, Healthcare, Government, Education, Energy Service Companies, Industrial (local and international) and Consultants and many others. Energinet can also be integrated in to Grid companies or energy brokers web pages with a very cost friendly Energinet Lite version, for easily building services relations between energy sales companies and their customers.


Input Energinet is hardware independent and can receive data from any hardware product. The user can manually type in data, send SMS or e-mail with data, produce QR codes directly from meter pages and use the free Energinet QR Scanner Application or automatically receive data directly from energy suppliers databases. Historical data can easily be imported by sending a file (.csv or .xls) in to the system. The user can create also custom meters types specially for his needs and industry.


The system will give you a range of standard reports for every level in the organisation. User can create his own custom reports which can include data from the whole system. User can set up his own dash board and custom KPI, EnPI, Bench marks ex. Report can be printed, exported in to PDF or Xls. Reports can be set up with automatically sending to different members of the organisations with different contents.

Computer Platform

Energinet is a web based system which can be run on any PC platform, tablet, or smart phone.

Programming Language

PHP on Linux


Energinet is the leading EnMS software on the market. Very cost effective, very fast, easy to use, language independent, flexible with no limitations.


Energinet doesn't control hardware yet.





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Energinet is available in two versions Energinet Lite and Energinet Pro with no limitations. Subscription is a SaaS model system (pay as you go). Energinet has also Partner opportunities where we can brand the product as Partner product.For more information contact us at post@energinet.no.