EnergyActio is cloud-based software that supports the process of Energy Efficiency Continuous Improvement (EECI).

EnergyActio makes evaluating and developing energy efficiency projects simple and inexpensive. It is a helpful tool for determining “what to do next” after benchmarking.

EnergyActio is an online toolkit for:

  • Performing a building-specific, hands-on energy audit
  • Collaborating with local contractors to evaluate alternative energy efficiency solutions
  • Preparing budget and ROI based financial analysis
  • Generating one mouse click reports and recommendations

The software enables property manager/contractor collaborations to evaluate and recommend “good/better/best” energy efficiency solutions for smaller (<100,000 sq. ft.) commercial buildings. Screen Shots


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Complies with ASHRAE Level I and the majority of Level II guidelines. The software is a financial analysis and energy accounting toolkit (not an energy simulation).

Expertise Required

EnergyActio is simple, self-guiding software designed for use by any engineer, contractor or professional property or facilities manager.


Property and facility managers of approximately 4.5 million smaller (<100,000 sq. ft.) buildings in the U.S. and the contractors who provide products and services to them.


Commercial building owners and property managers, tenants, engineers and contractors.


Inputs include electrical and gas energy bills and an estimate of energy consumption (watts or therms, and operating times) for each piece of energy-consuming equipment related to a building. Monitoring-supplied energy usage information can be utilized as an alternative to, or in concert with, hands-on investigation.

Additional inputs include cost and cost-saving benefit estimates for each of a wide range of potential energy-saving solutions. Owner’s retrofit budget and return on investment (ROI) objectives.


Identification of the best combination of energy saving options to meet owner's budget and ROI requirement. Pre-formatted, editable, one-mouse-click report documents that capture and organize project information (including field notes and pictures). Field information is displayed in context when field work is conducted with an iPad or tablet.

Computer Platform

Microsoft and Apple computer and iPad compatible.

Programming Language



EnergyActio is simple, inexpensive software that enables 1) an ASHRAE compliant hands-on energy assessment, 2) Evaluation of a wide range of energy efficiency options based on cost and energy cost savings estimates submitted by local contractors, 3) ROI and budget based financial analysis, and 4) one-mouse click reports and recommendations.


EnergyActio is financially-based efficiency software. It is not suitable for energy simulations or for planning new construction.





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EnergyActio is Internet based (Software as a Service) and individual user subscriptions are available for $19.00 per month, or $199.00 per year. Individual users can utilize EnergyActio to develop and manage as many projects as they wish. Subscriptions are available at