Energy Demand Modeling

The software is intended to be used for Energy Demand Modeling. This can be utilized from regional to national level. A Graphical User Interface of the software takes the input from the user in a quite logical and sequential manner. These input leads to output in two distinct form, first, it develops a Reference Energy System, which depicts the flow of energy from the source to sink with all the losses incorporated and second, it gives a MATLAB script file for advance post processing like graphs, visualization and optimizations to develop and evaluate the right energy mix policy frame work for a intended region.


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No validation done. The tool uses established method of energy demand modeling. It exports MATLAB scripts for further Post-processing. It can be used for script generation as well.

Expertise Required

Wizard Type, so no such Expertise required for operating the software. Interpretation and data entry must be informed and nearest to the reality.


10-25 (international)


Regional planning commissions, energy policy makers, managers of large scale development, energy demand modellers.


The input data revolves around fuel consumption in various sectors such as if we are considering national level than mining, industry transportation, house hold, and so on. It’s up to the planner that how deep he/she wants to go. This data is used to populate the sectorial energy consumption matrix e. The deep we go the more data is needed and other problem of organizing and identifying this data will become more persistent. This is a primary limiting factors, so most importantly it would be a trade-off between the data available and the accuracy we can afford. Each sector consumed energy from different energy mixes available, like house hold will be consuming gas for cooking electricity for lighting, space conditioning, and solar, etc. and industry will be consuming electricity, oil products charcoal ,petroleum products, self-generated electricity, bagasse, and agriculture waste, etc. Now once user identifies the sectors, he/she need to identify the sources from where they are consuming the energy. This data is generally available from electricity company, petroleum corporation, and government authorities. The input in divided in three steps and can be entered sequentially in the input form. The users just have to click on various steps according to the sequence. Furthermore everything else is automatically disabled.


The program generates overall transmission and distribution efficiencies for modeled region. It also generates a MATLAB friendly script file named “EDModel.m” and save it at the current location of the program. The user can copy this file to MATLAB work folder and edit it for required advance optimization.

Computer Platform

Microsoft based WINDOWS PC (XP, Vista, 7)

Programming Language

Visual Basic 6.0, MATLAB


Works on a simple hypothesis of matrix operations. Generates MATLAB “*.m” file for post-processing. Used for generating initial energy mix and total energy demand for region.


Built on Visual Basic (no cross platform support)



Energy Demand Modeling


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