eSight® energy management software is the most sophisticated energy analysis suite available worldwide. 100% web-based, eSight is perfect for every company size and industry sector and is available as both a SaaS (software as a service) model, or installed directly to a client site. Data may be integrated into eSight from a wide range of systems and formats (meters, loggers, BAS, controls, production data, spreadsheets, oBIX, OPC and more!), allowing organizations to collate and manage all aspects of energy and building-related data in a single system. eSight provides a truly holistic view of usage across your building(s), in order to identify significant energy savings, and is the energy management product of choice.


Energy Management, M&V, Utility Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Benchmarking, Bill Verification


eSight uses ASHRAE and IPMVP standards in data normalization, and the new ENERGY STAR® module links directly with Portfolio Manager accounts and pulls back ENERGY STAR performance scores for analysis.

Expertise Required

We recommend at least one person within the organization attends one of our eSight Energy Management Courses and an eSight Administration training course, however, eSight Express access to the software solution does not require any product training.


eSight is a multi-lingual, multi-currency solution with thousands of users Worldwide and key markets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.


eSight is suitable for use across any industry sector including: Commercial, Industrial, Government, Education, Healthcare, Energy Service Companies, and Consultants amongst others. Typically eSight is used by the Energy or Facility Manager of the organization or building site.


eSight is “hardware un-biased” meaning existing data can be manually entered or scheduled for automatic import into eSight from wide variety of sources and formats including: meters, loggers, BAS, controls, production data, spreadsheets, oBIX, OPC and more. The Global Weather Service option provides the ability to access and record wether data for over 4,000 global locations to analyze energy consumption against local temperature, assess building energy efficiency, and improve forecasting of future energy consumption.


eSight comes equipped with sophisticated techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting areas for savings. Some of these techniques include: energy analysis, single meter analysis, carbon analysis, financial analysis, performance analysis, multi-variable linear regression analysis, benchmarking, and ENERGY STAR score analysis. The analyses are user-configurable, have the ability to be normalized by a number of driving factors or KPIs, and can be viewed in a number of different graph styles. The analyses can be seen on screen, as a pdf, exported into excel for further manipulation, or setup as a template and scheduled for automatic distribution via email. eSight also contains a number of pre-configured report templates, the ability to setup and action alarms, the ability to verify utility bills, a full tenant billing module, and facilities dashboards.

Computer Platform

eSight is a web-based application that is run on Microsoft Windows Server 2005 or greater and Microsoft SQL Server, it can be run in a virtual environment. eSight is then accessed by the user via a web browser from any PC, tablet or mobile device.

Programming Language

ASP. Net Application (.Net 4.0) - Pure HTML (no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX required)


All-encompassing energy management software. 100% web-based allowing for access at anytime from anywhere using a web-browser. Contains un-rivaled techniques for managing energy usage and pinpointing areas for savings. Flexible and scalable solution allowing organizations to pick and choose Modules that are relevant and add on additional modules, users, companies, sites, and data points if and when required.


eSight is not a Demand Response product, nor does it have the ability to control equipment in a facility.





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eSight is available in two main editions – eSight Subscription (pay as you go, SaaS model system) and eSight Enterprise (fully customizable energy management suite) and pricing varies based on individual requirements. eSight Energy also has a selection of Partner opportunities, for more information contact us at or call 847-701-2340.