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iAudit Pro is a cloud-based home energy auditing tool for predicting energy and carbon savings, savings to investment ratio, annualized return, and cash flow. Powered by the OptiMiser analysis engine, iAudit Pro allows for highly accurate energy savings predictions with minimal data entry. It harnesses the power of utility bills and dozens of national databases for weather data, housing characteristics, and installed costs to produce beautiful, easy-to-understand homeowner reports in very little time.

Data are entered into the app during a walk-through energy audit, and the results can presented to the homeowner on site, or displayed in a PDF that can be printed or emailed. Each recommendation in the homeowner’s report addresses savings to investment ratio, installed costs, rebates and incentives, annual savings, comfort, health and safety issues, observations and notes, plus full color photos with captions. Screen Shots


home energy auditing tool, residential energy audit, retrofit contractors, whole house energy-analysis


Powered by the OptiMiser analysis engine, which is fully compliant with the BPI 2400 standard

Testing results are not available on the website.

Expertise Required

BPI/RESNET training is recommended, but not required. The software is intuitive with tooltips on every data field.


Approximately 200 as of April 2012


contractors, energy auditors, home performance companies, utility programs


12 months of utility bills, zip code, age of home, conditioned square footage, age and type of heating and cooling equipment, and thermostat settings are all that are needed to create an effective base model. Details for insulation, blower door results, windows, doors, and appliances are necessary only if the replacement of those items will be recommended.


The user has the ability to edit all recommendations and easily add custom text, photos, and photo captions. A live html report is generated, which can be viewed with the homeowner on site. A PDF version of the report can be quickly generated for printing or sending via email.

Each recommendation in the report addresses savings to investment ratio, installed costs, rebates and incentives, annual savings, comfort health and safety, observations and notes, photos and captions.

Computer Platform

Cloud based. Works with the free Google Chrome Web browser on most operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows, Unix. (iPad-version coming in summer 2012).

Programming Language

Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML 5


The tool is simple enough for a "lightly" trained contractor to perform a quick energy assessment or "clipboard audit" with good estimates of energy savings and minimal inputs. However, it is powerful enough for a BPI-certified professional to perform a comprehensive energy audit with highly accurate energy savings predictions.


Pending development for iPad.



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No upfront cost, $30 per audit (physical address). Call or email Snugg Home.