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Ground Loop Design is a versatile ground source heat pump system design program that helps the trained geothermal HVAC designer/engineer size equipment, determine the correct lengths of bore or pipe required for commercial projects, optimize the piping configuration for balanced flow and optimal heat transfer, and calculate the annual and lifetime energy/operating/emissions costs associated with the design.

The modular program enhances design productivity and permits flexibility in the designing process and customization based on designer preferences. It also has an English/metric conversion engine and is available in many languages, providing applicability to the widest range of equipment and customers. Screen Shots


geothermal, borehole, heat exchanger design


Uses standard ASHRAE and European heat transfer theories. These have been tested and validated via real world installations over the past 15 years.

Expertise Required

Mechanical engineering degree, geothermal heat pump system design experience


2500 active users in roughly 50 countries


Mechanical engineers and architects


Users must import monthly or 8,760 hourly heating and cooling HVAC loads profiles from csv files or a range of proprietary program formats. User must enter soil thermal properties typically from an in situ formation thermal conductivity test. They then use text boxes and windows to optimize the design (entering borefield configurations, land area available, borehole diameters, etc.).


Users can choose from nearly 30 types of customizable reports that range from borefield design reports to heat pump specification reports to life cycle costing reports

Computer Platform

Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac running Bootcamp or Parallels

Programming Language

VB, C ++,


GLD is a powerful suite of tools for comprehensive closed-loop geothermal system design, optimization, and simulation, as well as for geothermal life cycle costing. It is suited for use with vertical, horizontal, surface water, and hybrid geothermal systems. The user interface and streamlined controls make GLD very easy to use.


GLD should not be used for open loop or DX geothermal systems.



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