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ecoInsight Energy Audit & Analysis software revolutionizes the way energy audits are conducted by providing professionals with mobile audit capabilities (on the iPad), integrated product pricing, and performance information and sales proposal generation tools. Information about building equipment, energy use, and occupant information is collected through a mobile device, making the information usable immediately for analysis, collaboration, and proposal generation. Screen Shots


Retrofit Analysis, Energy Audit Software, Building Analysis, Lighting Retrofit



Expertise Required

Online training videos available, as well as weekly 1 1/2 hour live training webinars


100+ companies in the United States.


Electrical/lighting distributors, manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, energy auditors, electrical contractors


ecoInsight Mobile Audit for iPad allows professionals to digitally collect building information while walking through a building. This eliminates the need for stacks of notepads, and the information collected on the iPad is easily shared with ecoInsight's online analysis and proposal tools. ecoInsight's Mobile Audit features include:

  • Ease of use - Detailed fields and thoughtfully organized screens makes it easy to quickly and accurately collect building information.
  • Integrated audit libraries - Allow users to create commonly seen equipment and technology for reuse in future audits to save time in the field.
  • Seamless information sharing with ecoInsight's Web application -Mobile Audit for iPad allows users to easily upload your audit information for analysis and customer proposal generation. There is no need to spend hours or days retyping the information collected during the audit.
  • Output

    Users can see the impact the recommended efficiency measures will have on a building’s energy use and financial performance. ecoInsight uses equipment and occupancy information collected during the audit to enables professionals to view proposed upgrades and determine how these recommendations compare to equipment operating costs and energy consumption. Users can quickly create project alternatives and compare them to determine the best return on investment for the customer and the project.

    ecoInsight provides an easy-to-use sales proposal tool to generate and effectively communicate the value and benefits of proposed solutions. For companies selling energy-efficient products and services, ecoInsight is the platform to increase employee productivity, communicate the value of energy efficiency upgrades, and increase sales.

    Computer Platform

    Web-based solution works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

    Programming Language

    Microsoft Silverlight


    Mobile Audit tool eliminates the need for data collection on paper, integrated product catalogs provide pricing and performance information at user's fingertips, proposal development tools make it easy to demonstrate return on investment and projected energy savings.


    The current solution does not provide HVAC audit capabilities - these capabilities are under development.



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    The ecoInsight software, including the online application and iPad application, is free - users can sign up at