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Power Calc PaK is smart electrical engineering software with a proprietary database. With just 3 inputs (load kVA, load type, and number of poles), it automatically calculates, and recalculates for changes (upstream and downstream), the entire power distribution system in a building providing more than 300 outputs that are compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Power Calc PaK is a patent-protected innovation (covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,636,650).

One bundled calculation integrates all the outputs across all the panelboards and equipment worksheets required for the power distribution system from the branch circuit to the electrical service. A few highlights are: 3 inputs for 300 NEC-compliant outputs; ends tedious and repetitive calculations; automatically and simultaneously generates all the panelboards; saves up to 40% in design time; unmatched accuracy; manual override, no training necessary.

Power Calc Pakís Energy Savings Module can save 7%, or more on a buildingís energy use by applying resistivity Ė a law of physics applicable to electrical power. Simply, electricity is not hot, but conductors and wires transmitting electricity become hot, indicating energy lost during transmission. This heat is generated by electrons and other atoms colliding in the material conducting the electrical current. Provide more room for electrons to move (increase the conductor/wire size) and less heat is generated so less energy is lost. Power Calc PaK calculates changes in the conductor/wire sizes and indicates ROI to determine the economic costs and benefits of increasing the conductor/wire size. Screen Shots


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Field testing was completed by International Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ICE), which used the program on every project involving electrical engineering from 2002 to the present with excellent results. There were no substantive building department comments on electrical engineering design for more than $500,000,000 in construction projects. The software is proven and established in the field.

Expertise Required

Power Calc PaK is an Excel-based program, so no special training is necessary. Also, a detailed manual is available, directions (as pop-ups) are embedded in the software, and detailed training videos are available on the Internet.


More than 200 users in the United States and internationally.


Electrical engineers, designers, design builders, and other professionals designing power distribution systems for new and existing facilities in the building industry.


The user enters load kVA, SELECTs load type, and SELECTs circuit number of poles for each branch circuit. This input is put in the designated cells on the worksheet. Default values are in compliance with the NEC, but the engineer/designer has the option to override.


More than 300 NEC-compliant results are automatically generated and populate all the panelboards across the power distribution systemís design. This panelboard format mirrors the panelboard installed in the field by the electrical contractor promoting utility in the field and sound implementation.

Computer Platform

PCs with Microsoft Excel.

Programming Language

Excel with Visual Basic.


Electrical engineering design of the power distribution system in a building.


It should not be used for design of transmission related projects in the power grid.



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Purchase is available by download from www.powercalcpak.com. Packages can be purchased on a per project basis from $80 to $280 (single project) or subscription for an unlimited number of projects for 3 months ($480) or 12 months ($1,800) (for unlimited number of projects).