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Thermal calculation software performs hourly simulations of buildings to provide mechanical, energy, and architectural engineers or architects with accurate estimates of a building's energy needs and input and output data structures tailored to facilitate architects', engineers', and design department work.

The output comprises the yearly and hourly heat balance calculation (solar energy gains, thermal performance of the building's envelope, domestic hot water needs, production of solar thermal installations), energy performance analysis, and hourly and mean temperatures in the thermal zones).

CAD building files (DWG, SKP, obj, ATL) can be imported to the calculations. Dynamic importation can be made between ArchiWIZARD and Revit, Sketchup, ArchiCAD and Allplan.

ArchiWIZARD provides accurate solar and lighting calculations and mapping on 3-D graphics interface (solar mapping and heat improvement, solar energy reception with sensors, solar factor calculation and occultation performance evaluation, and mapping calculation of natural and artificial lighting).

ArchiWIZARD integrates all the recommendations of French thermal regulations and European standards (EN12831, EN13790…) and determines compliance with French building thermal regulations RT2012 with an additional plugin. Mettre un lien avec quelques screenshots. Screen Shots


energy performance; 3-D graphics interface; solar and lighting simulation; real time updated results and changes; thermal calculation; building performance; heat balance; thermal regulation


Waiting for assessment from CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center)

Expertise Required

High level of computer literacy not required. High level of thermal engineering not required. Engineering background helpful for results analysis.


More than 1000 copies of ArchiWIZARD have been distributed since it was first released in November 2009, including 700 licenses by HYDRO BUILDING SYSTEMS with customized versions.


The tool is primarily intended for those involved in thermal engineering, design and architecture. Specific interfaces can be provided to mechanical, energy, and architectural engineers working for consulting firms, utilities, federal agencies, universities, or schools.


3-D files import (dwg, obj, skp, ATL) from models or design software.

Thermal characteristics, internal loads and schedules, climate, lighting equipment, ventilation systems, heating systems.

Default automatic data generation (isolation, openings, heat bridges) depending on the year of construction and the building's use may avoid additional inputs. User can change these default data very easily.


Formatted reports printed directly by ArchiWIZARD, including input and output (tables and graphs tailored to architects and engineers) as well as 3D screenshots from the interface.

Users can build their own reports.

Computer Platform

PC: Windows XP SP3, Vista ou Seven
Mac: Mac OS X 10.5 ou ultérieur
Processeur dual core 2 GHz
Resolution écran 1280*768
Carte graphique 128 MB
Souris 3 boutons avec molette

Programming Language

High performance Raytracing based on RAYBOOSTER© technology, C++


  • All simulations are updated in real time, enabling the user to see any changes made instantly,
  • Successful interfacing for obtaining geometry from CAD programs, automatic recognition of rooms, walls, heat bridges, windows, doors.
  • Automatic calculation of volumes and surface areas.
  • 3-D graphics interface, inclusion of masks (urban and plant environments) and meteo data.
  • Fast and intuitive data entry (drag and drop, editing by double-clicking…).
  • Access to numerous libraries (construction materials, equipments, coatings, objects) and ability to enrich and personalize the libraries.


Dynamic thermal simulation (version launched by the end of 2011).





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ArchiWIZARD Version 2.0 was released in May 2011. ArchiWIZARD and its pluggins can be downloaded on website