Trend Importer

Trend Importer bridges the gap between raw trend log files and the analysis tools that consume trend data. The program collects trend data from any source and exports those data in a ready-to-use format for spreadsheet software, Facility Dynamics' PACRAT Tool, and Pacific Gas & Electric's Universal Translator. The software is positioned to be easily adapted to new raw trend log formats and new analysis tools. Screen Shots


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Not available. Application is presently in beta testing; during this testing Trend Importer is free to anyone.

Expertise Required

No special training is required. A person who understands how to use Windows Explorer can easily learn to understand Trend Importer.


Unknown. Given the push for green buildings in the commercial and government sectors, the assumption is that the potential market is very large, perhaps in the millions internationally.


Anyone who needs to convert raw building automation trend data to a format acceptable to trend data analysis tools such as spreadsheet software, PACRAT, and Universal Translator.


Raw building automation trend logs in any format: delimited files, fixed-width files, SQL database, Access database (both .mdb and .accdb), and dBase database (including Johnson Controls dBase trend logs). For delimited and fixed-width files, the user creates a filter that describes to Trend Importer how to extract the trend data. For databases, the user specifies the table and table columns from which the data, time, and readings are to be retrieved.


The user builds a matrix of trend data from available collected trend files. Each matrix can be exported to a spreadsheet, PACRAT spreadsheet, or a Universal Translator File.

Computer Platform

Windows OS (XP and later) or any Apple OS configured to run Windows (XP and later) applications.

Programming Language

VB.NET 2010


Trend Importer greatly simplifies and speeds the task of converting raw trend data into useful formats. A task that typically takes 6-8 hours can be accomplished in minutes, thereby providing a quick ROI. Trend data exported by Trend Importer are accurate, whereas the same data converted manually will contain errors. The program also includes the options to apply change of value and smoothing techniques to trend data.


Trend Importer performs no fault detection or other trend analysis functions. It is strictly a time saving tool to quickly and accurately prepare trend data for input to the tools that perform those functions.



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Updates are automatic. After beta testing is completed, or after an optional trial period, subscription license is $59.95/year, which is purchased annually from within the program.