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Recurve enables residential energy professionals (auditors, contractors, program managers) to accelerate business success through profitable, scalable growth. Our six years experience have given us broad market awareness and intimate knowledge of the industry's greatest challenges, inner workings of policy, and latest in program innovation.

Recurve Software enables contractors to perform in-home data collection, energy modeling, and on-the-spot delivery of predicted energy savings combined with professional estimates and reports that help turn more audits into retrofits. Screen Shots


energy simulation, home performance, estimates, energy audit



Expertise Required

Windows familiarity.


More than 120 U.S. users.


Residential energy professionals: energy auditors, home performance companies, utility programs


Enter building characteristics, performance test measurements, utility bill data, and other inputs to run energy simulations in a user-friendly interface. Data entry is streamlined through house templates, a back-end weather database, bill data import, and libraries of common construction assemblies and mechanical systems. Users can specify potential improvements and build packages, reports, and estimates from their own defaults.

Recurve Software can be used in the field with no Internet connection to enter data, build energy models, and generate reports and estimates on site. Client databases can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.


  • Reports that include photos and information on measured savings
  • Estimates for proposed improvements, with options to include payback and financing information, customer benefits, and contract
  • XML export for simplified program compliance
  • Room by room and block load calculations using industry standard methods
  • DOE Better Buildings Excel formated report output
  • HPXML data export

Computer Platform

CPU/Memory: Intel Atom N570-based tablet/netbook/laptop/desktop; 2GB RAM
OS: Windows 32-bit or Linux
Browsers: Firefox or Chrome
Additional software: Adobe Flash and Java

Programming Language

Adobe Flex, Java


Streamlined data collection

  • Pre-defined house templates
  • Data entry flexibility
  • Seamless back-end database that supports different climate zones, building types, HVAC systems, and construction characteristics
  • Help buttons throughout the software that provide information about features or how to perform measurements
  • Real-time error checking.

Optimized savings predictions

  • Enter potential improvements as you collect data
  • Instantly compare multiple solution packages and evaluate how energy savings match up to improvement costs
  • Use the true-up dashboard to manage hourly simulation and increase the accuracy of your energy models

Polished reports and estimates

  • Generate professional reports and detailed estimates on site
  • Leave a contract with your customer instead of waiting for a follow-up visit


Does not work on iPad



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