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We believe that the electricity market needs pricing transparency. We have assembled a database of electricity pricing information from more than 3500 electricity providers throughout North America. We are putting the data in the hands of electricity consumers and companies that assist them, to help everyone make more informed choices about when to use, store, and sell electricity.

Genability is building an innovative suite of Web and mobile applications, as well as Web services and APIs so we and our partners can provide homeowners and businesses insight, control, and choices about the energy they use, produce, buy, and sell.


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Genability has made the tools necessary available to test the developer's applications.

Expertise Required

Knowledge of programming to build useful software applications; however, knowledge of any stack of Web software would be sufficient.


Genability has made the power pricing data available through a set of API methods and launched its developer's network on April 4, 2011.


Software developers, solar panel installers, home network automation companies, building management companies, enterprise technology firms, energy consultants, power generators, municipalities, and other government agencies


Genability tariff rate data, zip code, load serving entities (utilities)


Electricity pricing data

Computer Platform

Genability services are delivered through the Internet and require only a standard browser to access.

Programming Language

Any stack of Web software would work; e.g., PHP, Ruby On Rails, Java.


Genability’s comprehensive database of power tariffs throughout North America is easy to integrate, up to date, and accurate.


Users who want to use Genability APIs must have development experience in Web-based software applications





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Genability API methods are initially free. After 90 days, users are charged according to the subscription plan of their choosing. We charge $1 per tariff (once for each tariff) and $0.05 per method call. Other plans are available.