Data Center Efficiency Savings Calculator

42U's Data Center Efficiency Savings Calculator helps IT Professionals and C-level management understand the short- and long-term savings that can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of their data center infrastructure. Efficiency savings are financial (Capital expense [CAPEX] and operating expense [OPEX]) and environmental because carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are reduced. The calculator is designed to help determine savings for any size data center, computer room, server room, or wiring closet.


Energy Efficiency Calculator for Data Centers.


Average retail commercial energy prices provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Expertise Required

Basic understanding of data center PUE and IT energy load helpful, but not necessary.


Approximately 2,100 monthly visitors from around the world.




Users select their current data center PUE or Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency and target efficiency goals, enter the current IT electricity load in kilowatts, and record their current energy cost per kilowatt-hour. A drop-down selection box will populate the average retail commercial energy costs for each U.S. state as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This figure can be overridden if actual energy costs are different.


Once data are input, the Data Center Energy Savings Calculator will show the expected energy savings in kilowatt-hours, projected electricity costs (at current rates), CO2 emissions, and car reduction equivalence of reaching target data center efficiency goals over 1-, 5-, and 10-year periods. By moving the target efficiency slider, users can see the results for varying efficiency efforts.

Computer Platform

Web-based, all major browsers supported.

Programming Language

ASPX (Microsoft .NET), HTML.


The Data Center Energy Savings Calculator is a simple tool to evaluate the energy savings, and CO2 reduction impact of a more efficient data center. It is a tool to encourage the adoption of data center energy efficiency best practices and shows IT professionals and C-level managers the benefits of a more efficient data center. It is easy to use and demonstrates long-term savings from energy efficiency practices. Energy cost savings are available in 16 international currencies.


Does not show impacts of specific infrastructure changes, or reduction in greenhouse gases other than CO2. The calculator bases savings on certain assumptions and is only a simple estimate; it should not be used for budgeting, planning, or critical analysis purposes. International users must manually enter average energy costs.





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