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Building Services of CYPE is a GUI software tool created for engineers and architects. It is primarily used to design buildings according to the building codes from Spain (CTE), Portugal (RCCTE) and France (RT-2005). It has also been developed to calculate the requirements for the energy performance of buildings using EnergyPlus as a calculation engine for the thermal demand of any building in the world. Building Services can be used to calculate, dimension, and verify thermal isolation, hygiene (protection against moisture, waste collection and disposal, ventilation, and water supply), sanitation, air conditioning, solar heating, gas, fire protection (BIE and sprinklers), lightning arrester, lighting, and telecommunications. Screen Shots


building services, single model, energy simulation, sizing, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, electricity, solar, analysis of acoustic behavior



Expertise Required

Familiarity with GUI software. Free help is provided by our technical support team via e-mail or telephone. See below for contact information.


10,000 + (March 2010). EU countries, including Spain, Portugal, and France; countries in Northern Africa, including Morocco, Angelia, and Tunisia; Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil.


Design engineers, architects, contractors, researchers, and students.


After the building geometry (walls, roofs, floors, windows, areas, etc.) is input into CYPE software, the program verifies the input data according to local building codes and then exports them into EnergyPlus using the IDF format.


The software generates results of the analysis of thermal and acoustic behavior, and the design of building services (HVAC, solar energy, plumbing, gas, electricity, etc.).

With the Results button selected, the user can use EnergyPlus to calculate the thermal demand of the building. The screen displays the following information:

  • Percentage of the heating demand of all air-conditioned precincts of the building for a selected day of the year (day of winter) and cooling demand for another day (day of summer), compared to the day of the year with the most heating or cooling, respectively.
  • Monthly demand of heating and cooling of all precincts of the building.

Once the calculations of EnergyPlus are complete, Building Services generates the following documents:

  • Monthly heating demand of the building and the cells
  • Justification of compliance with corresponding thermal code

Computer Platform

Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000

Programming Language



Building Services contains all features for designing a complete project set. It uses a single model to generate many results, including the analysis of thermal and acoustic behavior and the design of building services (HVAC, solar energy, plumbing, gas, electricity, etc.). This eliminates the inconvenience of using multiple software applications during the design process.


The program is self-loaded with Spanish weather data to facilitate the design of buildings in Spain. Additional weather data may be required to design buildings outside Spain. These data may be downloaded free of charge from the EnergyPlus Web site.



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A trial version of CYPE software can be downloaded from our Web site. Please also check the Web site for the latest pricing and licensing information.