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Cymap Electrical consists of an integrated CAD-based Electrics and Lighting design for internal, emergency, external, and daylighting, which include Part L Efficacy compliance, switching proximity indicator, and Fire Alarm Audibility check. This integrates with the Cymap Mechanical programs for building loads and regulation compliance. Low-voltage wiring design from the transformer through to final circuits with LV_HV discrimination capabilities. Can export small power and lighting to an integrated stand-alone wiring cable sizing and design program. Screen Shots


BS 7671 Main/Sub Main and Final Circuit distribution, generators, UPS, lighting design, emergency lighting, daylighting, floodlighting, cable sizing, discrimination studies, LV and HV capabilities, fire alarm, CAD symbol library based small power design, Cable Tray/Basket/Raceways/Conduit. Lightning protection risk assessment to EN62305 in 10 languages.


In use and developed for more than 25 years.

Expertise Required

Computer expertise not required; electrical engineering background essential and basic knowledge of CAD useful. Includes PDF and CHM manuals for all programs, along with training tutorials and example projects for existing and legacy 16th Edition installations and current 17th Edition projects. Supports IEE BS 7671 and ASNZ 3000 calculation standards. Context sensitive help is available from most dialogs. Training is available through national training centers throughout the United Kingdom or Bespoke on-site training and consultancy worldwide.


Thousands internationally. Most are in the United Kingdom. BS 7671 is also used as a national standard by Mauritius, St Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, and several other countries.


Building services electrical engineering designers, consultants, and contractors wanting to design and calculate systems graphically. Colleges and universities can obtain student licenses and assistance to integrate projects into their curriculum.


Graphical User Interface via DXF CAD files and a proprietary text input interface.


Crystal reports, DXF Isolux, CSV, Estimating file and Bidmaster Genesis export utility.

Computer Platform

PC, XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Programming Language

C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET.


Quick intuitive multilevel 2D setup, user editable databases, global change capabilities, and ability to use spare volt drops. Maximum number of main boards = 500. Maximum number of final boards/loads = 500.


Primarily low-voltage BS7671 & ASNZ 3000 designs. Requires hardware USB lock.



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The price is 2,200 for Cymap 2010 Electrical or Mechanical and 3,100 for the combined M&E package. Maintenance is 490 per annum for Electrical or Mechanical and 690 for a combined M&E package. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Multicopy discounts are available.