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EnerCop Energy Benchmarking & Accounting software delivers energy information solutions across a common platform to all parts of the organization. It enables collaborative, informed decisions about the energy cost center and gives the finance department accurate tools to manage energy budgets, accruals, and variances. It also providing facilities and operations managers with timely energy performance benchmarked data to validate and prioritize resources at unit-level operations. EnerCop provides a comprehensive energy and carbon (energy-based) profile of an organization's building portfolio and is the only comprehensive software solution that customizes benchmarking to the specific metrics that drive energy use for each industry.

EnerCop answers all the questions companies ask about energy use: How much are we using? Which facility uses more and why? How does this year compare to last? How do we rank across our industry? And of course, Are we paying more than we should?  Organizations that require all energy benchmarking capabilities and robust reporting of EnerCop Suite, but that already have a tool that handles energy budgeting, accruals, and budget variance reporting, can use EnerCop Benchmarking (without the accounting module) as a cost-effective alternative. Screen Shots


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EnerCop was used as an energy benchmarking and accounting tool for clients of its parent company, Kilojolts Consulting Group, for more than five years before commercial release. The product was thoroughly Beta tested by 3 non-Kilojolts users. It has not been publicly validated.

Expertise Required

Windows XP operating platform and familiarity with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is helpful.


More than 20 throughout the United States.


EnerCop is a cross-enterprise solution, targeted to financial managers and to facilities/energy managers. Companies with three or more facilities will benefit from using EnerCop to track and benchmark their energy consumption.


EnerCop captures data from utility bills—process fuels and water—including consumption, demand, kilovolt Amperes, kilowatt-hours, local distribution company dollars, meter read dates, therms, etc. To build the database, users should enter multiple years of data for each facility (historical). Data may be loaded into EnerCop via the Bulk import function with EnerCop’s templates in Microsoft Excel format. Once the baseline is established, users need only enter ongoing monthly invoice data.


EnerCop generates reports from the most basic—quarterly consumption for one fuel across an entire portfolio—to the most complex. Users employ EnerCop's filters to select a specific subset of data to analyze, such as natural gas use by facilities in strip malls served by a particular utility. Reports are generated in tabular and graphical formats, depending on the report selected, and are exportable to Excel (for use in analysis, or in other applications) and, in most cases, PDF format. Data may also be output to Microsoft Excel templates. Most reports can be filtered for weather normalization.

Computer Platform

Windows XP-SP 3

Programming Language

Visual Basic over Microsoft Access database format


EnerCop™ is the only comprehensive energy benchmarking and accounting tool that allows companies to report energy consumption against the custom baseline metrics that drive facilities’ energy use. That means users can align energy metrics with their organization’s standardized measures of business performance such as production volume, number of transactions, or customers, and not simply by comparing MBtu/ft2, as is the industry standard. For most businesses, measuring energy consumption based only on square footage has minimal value. For retailers, energy use relates to sales. Restaurants need metrics that relate to covers or transactions. Hoteliers measure by revenue per available room. Manufacturers analyze every part of their budget as it relates to the amount of production.


EnerCop was designed to track, manage, and account for utility consumption. It does not offer a bill-pay solution and does not account for the communications cost center.



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$2999 per software license for EnerCop Benchmarking Software (no accounting modules); $7900 per software license for EnerCop Suite (benchmarking & accounting)

Telephone, on-line, and in-person support priced per customer.

To purchase a license, contact Gary Markowitz at Kilojolts Consulting Group.