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PsyChart is a standalone Windows program that does complete moist air state calculations. It has a graphical interface with a component pallet of all common air-conditioning processes. You can add and link any processes on a graphic chart to form complete air-conditioning systems. Air states can be dragged around the chart and the process are automatically updated. Screen Shots


Moist air state, dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, sensible heat, moisture content.


The psychrometric equations are well known and published in many references. This program is based on the detailed psychrometric equations published in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook and supplemented by reference to Barenbrug, Hemp and Gatley.

Expertise Required

If you are in the field of air-conditioning, a knowledge of psychrometry is essential. This software assumes you know the fundamentals. With this knowledge, the use of the program is based on straightforward Windows controls. There is a help file and some sample files to get you started.


About 1000 international users


Air-conditioning system designers need this program. Specifically, any person who calculates the zone heat load and calculates the required air flow will find it very useful.


Barometric pressure and any other two moist air properties; for example, dry bulb and wet bulb. Units are metric, imperial, or any mixed set.


An air state is a point on the chart. Processes are lines connecting air state points. Cooling coil and air mixing processes include duty and mix fraction. All results are viewed on the chart and in the property inspector. Detailed reports include tables and chart plots.

Computer Platform

Runs on all Windows operating systems.

Programming Language

Recent release of Delphi. The psychrometric calculations are done in a Windows dynamic line library. This enables the user to call the calculator from any other program language. We also supply a free Excel spreadsheet that uses the DLL


Very quick and accurate moist air state calculations given any combination of properties. Good for air-conditioning systems, cooling coil bypass factor evaluation.


Given the state points and the airflow, you can calculate the required plant duty, but this program is not a heat load calculator.



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Available for download and immediate use. A price list can be found on the Web site. It includes a free Excel sample and a moist air state calculator.